2021 Club Memberships Available

This year's membership includes a 3" rubber GRDGC patch with Velcro back.

Tuesday Doubles League

2021 Schedule 


Week 1 – 4/20/21 @ Basil

Week 2 – 4/27/21 @ Chili


Week 3 – 5/4/21 @ Ellison

Week 4 – 5/11/21 @ The Meadows at Williamson Town Park

Week 5 – 5/18/21 @ Pfrommer Woods

Week 6 – 5/25/21 @ Parma


Week 7 – 6/01/21 @ Basil

Week 8 – 6/08/21 @ Chili

Week 9 – 6/15/21 @ Ellison

Week 10 – 6/22/21 @ The Riv

Week 11 – 6/29/21 @ The Meadows at Williamson Town Park


Week 12 – 7/06/21 @ Pfrommer Woods

Week 13 – 7/13/21 @ Parma

Week 14 – 7/20/21 @ Basil

Week 15 – 7/27/21 @ Chili


Week 16 – 8/03/21 @ Ellison

Week 17 – 8/10/21 @ The Meadows at Williamson Town Park

Week 18 – 8/17/21 @ Pfrommer Woods

Week 19 – 8/24/21 @ Parma

Week 20 – 8/31/21 @ Basil (tee at 5:30pm)


Week 21 – 9/07/21 @ Chili (tee at 5:15pm)

Week 22 – 9/14/21 @ Ellison (tee at 5:15pm)

League Finals

Date for Doubles Finals is October 16th at either Webster Park or Shadow Pines (TBD).

We’ll play a total of 22 weeks, where only your top 16 weeks count towards your points total.

League Details:

This is a prepay league – sign up by 4pm day of by clicking the button below:


Partners will be drawn randomly and starting tee assignments will be posted by 5pm.

All payouts will be handled through paypal, or can be banked to the year end event (verifying your paypal account will help).

Udisc live scoring will be used and you can join the Udisc league at any time, and then just check in when you get there that night


This is a random draw, best shot, doubles league with 2 separate divisions (Pro and Am). This is a fun league with a little bit of competition mixed in. This is a great introductory league for new players and a great way to meet your fellow disc golfers. Last year we averaged 50 players a week with 70 players participating in the league finals!

“Doubles was a lot of fun! I learned a lot too. If anyone is on the fence about going, you definitely should. The doubles format works out well. Even if you’re a beginner you’ll be able to contribute to your team.”

Cost: $10 with an optional $1 mulligan and an optional $1 CTP…

  • $5 – Payout
  • $1 – Ace Pool (separate for each course)
  • $1 – Cash CTP (separate ones for each division)
  • $1 – GRDGC (100% goes to course work/improvements)
  • $1 – RFDO
  • $1 – League Finals
  • The optional CTP will be a choice of GRDGC disc
  • The optional mulligan can only be used once during the round and if used it cancels our your first shot

You must be a current GRDGC member to be eligible for the ace pool and cash CTP’s. However, any non-member may still win with the understanding that their prize $ will be less $ for the cost of a membership package (you will receive current items for the year).

We will be doing weekly points with overall points winners in each division. We will count your best 16 weeks. There will be cash prizes for the top players.

There will be no strokes for any players. This is a completely random draw.

League Finals – Tentatively Saturday October 16, 2021:

At a temporary course in Webster Park that we set up just for this event!  2 rounds, lunch provided, you don’t want to miss this. To be eligible, you must have played in at least 1 league night, be a club member, and pay $2 for every week you missed. More details on this as we get further into the season…

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  Come and enjoy an evening of disc golf.

Guaranteed to make your disc golf game better!

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