XC Meet Course Closures

Sep 1, 2022 | Basil, Course News, Parma, Shadow Pines, Williamson

High School Cross Country Season is here

As a reminder many of the parks that also hold our disc golf courses are utilized during the fall season for High School Cross Country Meets

The Following courses will have XC meets during the fall season

Basil Marella, Parma Town Park, Williamson Town Park and Shadow Pines

This is a list of dates we know of and will be updated on our website calendar when we know courses will be closed for the day for races

Parma – September 28th (4pm – 7pm), October 4th (4pm – 7pm), October 15th (11am – 4pm),

Williamson Town Park – September 13th (4pm – 7pm), October 11th (4pm – 7pm)

Shadow Pines – September 13th (4pm – 7pm), September 20th (4pm – 7pm), October 12th (4pm – 7pm), October 29th (9am – 4pm)

Basil Marella – September 13th (4pm – 7pm), September 28th (4pm – 7pm), October 3rd (4pm – 7pm), October 26th (4pm – 7pm)