Meeting Minutes – 6/5/17

Jun 5, 2017 | Meeting Minutes

John Alloco, Adam Achter, Jamie Rockefeller, Ryan Rock, Kristina Punzi, Gene Beaumont, Tony Izana, Ryan hand, Terry Hasseler, Mike Herzog, Valerie Kline,  Tara Dixon,  Adam Brennan


  • Treasury Report
    • 1370 savings
    • 2300 checking
    • 230 paypal
    • 1000 for wiliiamson teepads ear marked
  • Waitress interrupted. Adam A got a yuengling
  • Courses
    • MCC
      • Rough shape, no mowing = wet
      • 1-7 brush hogged
      • Anyone in club can run it. Contact Blighton to use it
      • Tee signs = need blighton to finish the signs
    • Basil
      • Ryan emailed park contact to see what they are doing with the trees. Waiting for response.
      • Hole 3 collar is broke. Need to re weld the tab to the pipe.
    • Williamson
      • Asked them to mow 4 passes per mower.
      • Played for singles league. They are mowing “wider” but still is not playable in the back. League has been play 1-9 twice.
      • Barely playable but need a spotter
      • Mr Flash is at his breaking point to move all the back holes to a new area (woods?) if they are not going to mow.
    • North Ponds
      • Tee posts are in.
      • Signs upcoming via
    • Ellison
      • Flash says fix the flypads. Need to tamp them down
      • Practice basket. Who has it?
    • Parma
      • Need to get people for work days to extend some holes.
    • Chlii
      • Re dredge the creek?
      • Where is the practice basket!
  • Girls festival in august. MCC wants insurance from all the clubs that are doing this. This is not a sanctioned PDGA event so we cant get insurance easily to do this for the ladies. Waiting to find out the final details if we are going to do this.
  • Ace Race. Need to pick a date.
  • RFDO
    • 3 vs 4 courses
    • Parma Sunday
    • Tee times
    • Lodge has been paid for already
    • No final 9
    • Saturday: Basil & Ellison
    • Food at each course be easy
    • Sign ups are on
    • Sponsor Forms to be made up
    • Player Packs
      • Cotton tee shirt 100x $6/per
      • Lucid Disc $8
      • Aviator lid $3
      • Tick Spray $5
    • RFDO bag tag after the tournament
    • $25 person
    • $2800 then get $1000 in other merch for free.
  • Bring your own partner for Shenanigans fundraiser. 20th August??
  • We should look into having a custom merch section on our website.