Meeting Minutes – 3/22/17

Mar 22, 2017 | Meeting Minutes

Club Officer Changes

  • Ken stepping down as secretary.
  • Jamie Rockefeller unanimously voted in (I said unanimously Tim Campbell!!)

Treasury Report:

  • Tournament Fund (previously Am Worlds) – $102.51
  • Club – $2,304.31
  • Savings – $1,370.49
  • Paypal – $1,370.49
  • Ryan owed $600 for ice bowl

Winter League:

  • year end paid out $2,250.
  • Raised $445 for cookout
  • Raised $445 for shenanigans at shorewinds

Ice Bowl:

  • Raised $1450 for foodlink

Storm aftermath:

  • Priority has to be determining what issues the courses have and working through the appropriate channels to get then resolved.
  • Basil – mostly good. One big tree down in front of the tee on hole #5
  • Parma – Holes #1, 2 (on tee), 16 (5 trees down)

With winter league over, work and play day at parma 3/25: 8am work, 10:30 chip draw

Tees & signs at Williamson

Signage at Northponds

Notification System. How do we disseminate information. Forum, Facebook (page & group), email list, twitter, instagram
Valerie Kline would love to be our instagram maven. Might get a lot of pictures of beer on there. And Ice cream. Definatly ice cream.

Chili Cookout

  • Troy TD, wants to use Parma/Chili
  • Help needed.  Reach out to him if you would like to.

Next Gen

  • Tony running qualifier hosted at Chili on May 13th
  • Top 12 get invites to regional qualifier
  • Held in warwick
  • Top 8 get invites to nation championship
  • Sweet players packs at all 3 levels
  • Player pack if you get to national level is a zuca cart
  • Top winner gets a car!!! Where did they get that idea from I ponder.


  • August 26 & 27
  • Johnny Flash TD, wants to use parma if redesign is complete
  • Hole sponsors $25. Coming out soon
  • Starting in april, RFDO monthly meeting
  • Royce doing payout

Flash to run Thursdays singles league starting in April… Handicap system

Summer League:

  • Ryan is a big boss and has pressure at work to do more work.
  • Jamie to finally step up in the club and help in any way
  • Williamson to keep in rotation
  • 19 weeks, 3 each main course, 1 at apple farm
  • possible fundraiser tournament


If I missed anything, it was loud in the bar area. After the meeting Ryan talked to some staff about getting a private room/area for our next meeting. I personally like the venue and great beer selection.

Attending – Ryan Hand, Ed Bower, Adam Brennan, Jerami Frechette, Mike Hanford, Tim Campbell, Doug Blighton, Royce Racinowski, Tony Inzana, Tom Kent, Tim Bayer, Patrick SomeLastName, Jamie Rockefeller, Valerie Kline, Some Old Dude, Adam Achter, Chris Bull, More Old dudes at the other table that I couldnt really see, Gene B