Meeting Minutes – 6/6/16

Jun 6, 2016 | Meeting Minutes

Treasury report

  • Am Worlds – 534.51
  • Club – 1041.53
  • Savings – 2363.92
  • PayPal – 816.97
  • Owe Tim Bayer 923.40 for Ellison, Basil, Parma tee signs


  • MCC signs are in, Ryan to check with Craig Rand on install
    • Renting brush hog for Monday June 13, 9:00 AM
  • Ellison signs are in, plywood backers to be cut and painted
    • Acrylic sheet (plexiglas) on face?
  • North Ponds redesign complete, thanks for all the help!
    • Signs to be created with new layout and course map
  • Williamson mowing issues continue to plague
    • John Allocco to work with town to establish fairways
  • Parma Possibility to alter to accommodate using park pavilion and entrance (adding new holes in back trails)


  • Monday Singles numbers improving
    • Continuing alternating schedule
  • Tuesday Singles 3 straight weeks over 70 players 75 record
    • We are maxing out, make sure to show up before the cut
    • June 21 at Apple Farm
  • Match Play running well, questions, talk to Will
  • Winter League to be taken over by Adam Brennan and Ed Bower
  • Women’s League going well, avg 7 ladies each week


  • Monthly singles event each Thursday following club meeting
  • Shenanigans sold out on Am side, Pro side still open!
  • RFDO – possible Chili/MCC, Parma fees are escalating
    • VFW – 250 deposit, 750 for the weekend
    • Course maintenance – 200
    • Waste/Sewage fee – 600-1500 based on attendance
    • Rock working on artwork/flyer

Special election for Vice President

  • Jerami Frechette was voted in as VP


Next Club mtg – July 11, 7:00 outside patio, Buffalo Wild Wings

Next Tournament committee mtg – July 11, 6:00 Outside BWW

Attending – Ryan Hand, Derek Savory, Ed Bower, Adam Brennan, Jerami Frechette, John Allocco, Ryan Rock, Nikki DiSalvo, Jason Krohn, Kristina Punti, Mike Hanford, Tim Campbell, Doug Blighton, Royce Racinowski, Tony Inzana, Tom Kent, Will Debesis, Tim Bayer, Sean Young