Meeting Minutes – 1/25/16

Jan 25, 2016 | Meeting Minutes


  • Balance to be updated by Gene, money was withdrawn to pay for club shirt order
  • Club Membership Dues $25 drifit t-shirt and bag tag
  • Availability expected for Ice Bowl


  • 1. Course Supervisors/Point of Contact (POC)
    • Dec Mtg approval of 1 individual as point of contact per course where any course work can be coordinated.
    • Chili = Mike Herzog
    • Williamsom = John Alloco
    • Basil = Doug Squared (Corea and Blighton)
    • Ellison = Tim Bayer (edit: not Campbell)
    • Parma = Matt Brennan
    • MCC = Ryan Hand
    • Lookup Park = Ryan Rock
    • Adam to create pinned subforums in Courses section for Course Supervisors to share info on course work needed and volunteer hours.
  • 2. Tee Sign Sponsors still needed
    • 7 Tee Signs were available
    • $250 per sign for as long as the signs last (until they need to be replaced)
    • Mike H. and Jerami to sponsor #12 Ellison
    • Ellison holes available 8,9,10,11,14,15,16
    • As we get closer, open signs will be created with club messages in sponsor area (Carry in/Carry out, Give a hoot, don’t pollute, etc). These signs will be replaced as sponsors commit.
    • Williamson course is still in need to hole sponsors. Tee sign to be created in future, but sponsorships are gladly accepted at any time.
    • MCC tee signs are expected to arrive from Max in April. We will be purchasing Pressure Treated 4×4’s to mount signs to, and we will need volunteers to dig holes and bury/concrete set the poles come Spring.
    • Missing tee signs at Parma (16) and Basil (2,3,10,12,18) to be replaced. Tim Bayer to produce these in the near future.
  • 3. Bridge at Basil
    • We funded $600 for the Bridge at Basil. Info needed for online PR:
    • Ryan Hand to provide info to Ken Kreie
    • ~How much specifically did the Club fund?
    • ~What is the name of the Boy Scout who built it?
    • ~When was it built? (Month/yr)
  • 4. Basil #15 basket ring and chains purchased by Royce, to be reimbursed by club. Doug Blighton to replace. We are working on possible repairs for broken welds
  • 5. Course Volunteer Hours
    • We decided our first step to rewarding those who help on the course is to track the hours put in. The course Supervisors (POC) should be contacted by the volunteers to submit hours. Hours will be recorded in the Course Supervisors tab on the forum
  • 6. Review of Course concerns


  • 1. Winter League
    • Winter Doubles will be at Basil for the remainder of the winter
  • 2. Summer Tuesday Doubles –
    • Williamson to be added to the rotation
    • Will include Apple Farm for a week during the longest daylight hours
  • 3. Match Play Herzog/Debesis
    • To be updated by Will Debesis
  • 4. Singles League –
    • To be updated by Ken Kreie


  • 1. Ice Bowl Updates Feb 7, Williamson
    • Still looking for a beer sponsor
    • Register through Disc Golf United or in person with Ryan Hand, or at Saturday Doubles with Derek Savory.
    • If 20 people sign up through Disc Golf United the club will receive a donation of a travel basket.
    • One round, No food available, alcohol welcome
  • 2. Women’s Global Event Greater Rochester Girls Gone Gonzo May 14th Basil
    • Donations Accepted and appreciated
  • 3. Chili Cookout Memorial Day Weekend May 28-29 Chili/Parma
  • 4. RFDO
    • Tournament Committee must convene prior to updating the club on any new information
    • Dates and courses to be discussed by committee prior to next club meeting
    • Monroe County Sports Commission is sponsoring $1000 for 2016
    • Committee to meet Monday, Feb. 22 7:00 at Bathtub Billy’s
    • Club approved Dates of September 24,25
  • 5. 2018 Masters World Championship To be discussed by Tournament Committee prior to presenting to club


  • Tournament Committee: Monday, February 22, 7:00 Bathtub Billy’s Greece.
  • Club Meeting: Friday, March 4, 6:00 Buffalo Wild Wings, Henrietta

R. Hand, D. Savory, E. Bower, A. Brennan, J. Frechette, G. Beaumont, A. Inzana, M. Forsythe, R. Rock, W. Debisis, M. Herzog, J. Allocco, M. Heberle, D. Lacomba, S. DeMarco, T. Bayer, R. Racinowski, M. Brennan, T. Kent, T. Campbell