Meeting Minutes – 1/8/14

Jan 8, 2014 | Meeting Minutes

Attendees: 14

Proceedings: Meeting started at 7:05 p.m. by Ryan Hand

Treasury Report

  • Club has $1,549.12 in bank accounts   + $400 in the PayPal account

Club Management

  • Club’s public file directory is up and available. Directory will have a spreadsheet showing clubs funds and expenses, club roster, etc.
  • Anybody with a paid 2014 club membership can send their email address and access this directory online.

Club Membership

  • Memberships should be available soon.
  • Membership options:
    • $25 Bag Tag + Dryfit shirt
    • $40 Bag Tag + Polo shirt
    • $50 Bag Tag + Polo shirt + Dryfit shirt

2014 Ice Bowl

  • Jan. 25th at MCC course
  • Online registration now available through the club’s website.
  • To run in conjunction with Ice Arena’s Winterfest

Course Plans

  • Planning for the Ellison re-design is underway – more details to follow soon.
  • Any excess flypad material will be placed out at the Webster Ponds course.
  • Continue to research Basil bridge options…looking for telephone poles (free)(if possible)

Club website

  • Details for a possible redesign are being worked out.
  • In the process of creating a new set of Google Maps for the courses.
  • Experiment with a Google Map “Street View” walk-thru of our courses.
  • Looking for other ideas to add functionality to the club site.

ADK Expo – June 14th (Saturday) at Mendon Ponds

  • Been invited back to participate at the ADK Expo.
  • The club sets up a booth and promotes the sport and club.
  • If interested in helping out contact Gene Beaumont

2014 RFDO – 40th!!!

  • Logos submitted by club member Brian Kilmore and friend of Doug Blighton.
  • If interested in submitting a logo contact Tony Inzana
  • Sponsorship packages and letters are being worked out by Peter Lunstead
  • If interested in helping with sponsorships contact Peter.
  • Tony is working with Innova on possible special disc release for our event.

Next meeting is on Feb. 5th at Bill Gray’s (MCC) at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Secretary/Treasurer, Gene Beaumont