Meeting Minutes – 7/12/10

Jul 12, 2010 | Meeting Minutes

LOCATION: MacGregor’s (Empire Blvd.)

ATTENDEES: Tony Inzana, Gene Beaumont, Adam Brennan, Doug Corea, Ryan Hand, Doug Blighton, Greg Curcio, John Alloco, Jay Nichols, Max Norman, Matt Brennan, John Lehman, Keith Davis


  • Meeting started at 7:05 p.m. by Ryan Hand
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Greg Curcio gave the financial report and noted that we have $529.54 in our account.
  • Course Updates:
    • Parma:
      • Tee pad at #18 had to be removed due to the fact that it was not on the park property.
      • Ryan Hand will coordinate its replacement.
      • Looking into options to lengthen #7 and #16
      • Still looking to do work on #5
    • Basil:
      • Plummer has been asked to remove the large brush pile between #9 and #10.
      • Chip date set for Aug. 21st.
    • Ellison and Churchville:
      • Request for cement pads has been denied and instead have early approvals for leveled areas with flypads.
      • Still plan on pushing for cement pads.
    • MCC:
      • Ryan will be meeting with officials at MCC later this month to discuss the course.
  • Website Update:
    • Plans to add course supervisors to website.
    • Working towards adding club member only access section.
    • Old forum posts need to be archived.
    • Photo album will be added.
  • Course Maintenance Supervisors:
    • Need to update By-Laws concerning course maintenance supervisors.
  • Non-Profit/Tax Exempt status:
    • Gene Beaumont advised that the tax exemption package has moved on after submitting answers to questions posed by the IRS.
    • No date as to when we will have our tax ID.
  • 2010 Tournaments:
    • RFDO – Sept. 18-19
      • Dry fit and Polos are in with RFDO logo for $25/ea
      • $1,500 worth of sponsorships has been raised.
    • NY State Doubles
      • Fees: $100 Pros and $60 AMs
      • At Lake Side Beach Park
    • Ace Race
      • Aug. 8th at Widener (Chili)
      • $25 fee: 2 disks, hat and stickers
  • 2011 Worlds Update:
    • Looking to start list of volunteers:
      • Greg Curcio – all week
      • Ryan Hand – all week
      • Tony Inzana and Gene Beaumont – all week
      • Any others should contact Tony or Gene to advise them on their availability
    • Need course’s street address
      • this has been completed by Gene although still need details for Genesee Valley Park
    • Course TDs:
      • Jim Nichols
      • Doug Corea and Royce R.
      • Jim Palmeri
      • Still looking for other confirmed individuals to be TDs
    • Need to research shuttle service during tournament
  • Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.
  • Minutes submitted by Secretary, Gene Beaumont.