Meeting Minutes – 4/12/10

Apr 12, 2010 | Meeting Minutes

LOCATION: MacGregor’s (Empire Blvd.)

ATTENDEES: Tony Inzana, Gene Beaumont, Adam Brennan, Doug Corea, Jeff Walker, Jim Palmeri, Ryan Hand, Doug Blighton, Rick Howard, Greg Curcio, John Alloco, Jay Nichols, Max Norman, Phil Stratigis


  • Meeting started at 7:25 p.m. by Ryan Hand
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Greg Curcio gave the financial report and noted that we have $554 in our account
  • John Whitney:
    • John has been suspended from the club until further notice
  • Course Updates:
    • Parma:
      • Will be the first course we add cement to this year.
      • Still looking for tee pad sponsorships. Cost is $250/ea.  Six purchased to date.
    • Basil:
      • Hope to have the chipper on the course in mid-June.
      • Going to inquire about getting a small drainage ditch.
  • Website Update:
    • Adam Brennan advised that he is hoping to upload the new GPS course maps soon.
    • Still looking to add more content to the site.
  • Course Maintenance Supervisors:
    • Names of the course supervisors need to get posted on the website.
    • The follow were named as individual course supervisors:
      • Basil Marella – Doug Blighton
      • Ellison Park – Doug Corea
      • MCC – Jeff Walker
      • Sweden Town Park – Todd Ellis
      • Parma – Ryan Hand
      • Chili – Greg Curcio
      • Churchville – Dave Thomas
      • Sawyer – Dave Thomas/Todd Ellis ?
      • Genesee Valley – Jim Palmeri
    • All work on a course should be coordinated through the supervisors.
    • Tony Inzana would like to hold a meeting of all course supervisors at his house on the Monday following the Chili Cookoff.
  • Non-Profit/Tax Exempt status:
    • Gene Beaumont advised that the tax exemption package has been submitted and we now have a case handler who has sent us a letter asking for more information which we are working.
  • Sponsorships:
    • Tony Inzana advised that he needs to complete the sponsorship form and hopes to do that soon.
  • 2011 Worlds Update:
    • Tony Inzana and Gene Beaumont are currently the only ones planning on going to Ohio to volunteer to help the local club.  Still looking for others who are interested in volunteering to help.
    • Monroe County Sports Commission has committed to going to the Worlds to set up a booth to promote the Worlds in Rochester in 2011.
    • First fund raiser disc logos are near completion with the help from Max Norman.
    • Tony Inzana is working on getting some top Pros to come to town to give clinics during next year’s AM Worlds.
    • Monroe County Sports Commission plans on putting ads in the PDGA magazine in each issue for the next year.
  • Media:
    • The D&C has been contacted about getting into this year’s Summer Guide.
    • Plan to submit tournament results to the D&C following their completion.
  • 2010 Tournaments:
    • Chili Cookout – May 1st at Chili
      • Top two AMs will get automatic qualifier for AM Nationals.
      • Needs volunteers (contact John Alloco)
      • Looking for help to gather more prizes.
    • RFDO – Sept. 18-19
      • Planning on 144 players.  B-Tier
      • Plan to make it a Can-AM
    • 2010 FROLF at Ellison – April 25th at noon
      • Phil Stratigis came to the meeting to join and talk about his tournament.
      • Fundraiser to benefit Alternatives for Battered Women
    • NY State Doubles
      • Fees: $100 Pros and $60 AMs
      • At Lake Side Beach Park
  • Leagues:
    • Tues. and Thurs. leagues start this month at Chili.
    • Tues. cost is $7, Thurs. cost is $10
    • Thurs. format will be AM/AM and Pro/Pro
    • By a vote of 10-3 an optional fundraiser of $1/round for a mulligan was added to help fund the Worlds.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.
  • Minutes submitted by Secretary, Gene Beaumont.