Meeting Minutes – 1/11/10

Jan 11, 2010 | Meeting Minutes

LOCATION: MacGregor’s (Empire Blvd.)

ATTENDEES: Tony Inzana, Gene Beaumont, Adam Brennan, Doug Corea, Matt Brennan, Jeff Walker, Chuck Siegfried, Keith Davis, Jim Palmeri, Ryan Hand, Doug Blighton, Dale Wurtz, Jeremy Whitney, Tim Florentine, Rick Howard, Jeff Walker, John Lehman, Steve Pheterson


  • Meeting started at 7:20 p.m. by Ryan Hand
  • Non-profit status update:
    • Gene Beaumont advised that the club has filed the tax exemption form with the IRS and then introduced Steve Pheterson who explained the certificates he created for the club for distribution to active members.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Greg Curcio gave the financial report and noted that we have $669.54 in our account.
  • President and Treasurer Elections:
    • Ryan Hand ran unopposed and was re-elected as President
    • Greg Curcio ran unopposed and was re-elected as Treasurer.
  • Club Membership Responsibilities:
    • Ryan Hand explained that in 2010 all members will be required to show up to a minimum of four work days and those that do not will not be able to participate in the club’s year-end championships.
  • Website Update:
    • Adam Brennan explained that he would like to utilize the group email more in the future.
    • updated version of the Google Maps view of the courses should be out soon once provided to Adam by Gene Beaumont.
    • Adam requested club members to submit photos for the site.
    • Jeff Walker & Greg Curcio will be added as a Forum moderator
  • 2011 Worlds Update:
    • Tony Inzana provided an update on how the club is doing in regard to Worlds preparations.  Progress is being made but the courses still need a lot of work.
    • He is still looking for volunteers who are will to go to the 2010 Worlds in Ohio to help them with running it.
    • The 2011 Worlds will run from July 23rd – 30th.
    • The next Worlds meeting will be at his house on Feb 1st at 7pm.
  • Course Maintenance Supervisors:
    • Tony Inzana will be the Course Chairman.
    • The follow were named as individual course supervisors:
      • Basil Marella – Doug Blighton
      • Ellison Park – Doug Corea
      • MCC – Jeff Walker
      • Sweden Town Park – Todd Ellis
      • Parma – Ryan Hand
      • Chili – Greg Curcio
      • Churchville – Dave Thomas
      • Sawyer – Dave Thomas/Todd Ellis ?
      • Genesee Valley – Jim Palmeri
  • Fund Raising:
    • $1 from all entry fees during the summer singles and doubles leagues will be donated back to the club.
  • 2010 Tournaments:
    • Ice Bowl – Feb 13th at Parma
      • If any merchandise is wanted please contact Ryan Hand
    • Chili Cookout – May 1st at Chili
      • Still looking for sponsors
    • RFDO – Sept. 18-19
  • New Courses:
    • The proposal has been submitted to the Director of the Monroe County Parks Dept. regarding usage of the courses (Churchville, Ellison and Genesee Valley) for the Worlds and putting in concrete tee pads at Churchville and Ellison Park
      • Greece Canal Park
        • The club plans to contact Monroe County to provide a separate proposal to get some of the $2 million in funds allocated for park renovations to be assigned to build a disc golf course with tee pads, baskets and signs.
      • Genesee Valley – Temporary for the Worlds — ?? Permanent after that
      • Powder Mill Park
  • Existing Courses:
    • The club plans to work aggressively starting in the Spring on tee pad installation
    • Complete the MCC redesign.
  • Committee Chairman Named:
    • John Alloco has been named the Tournament Chairman
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.
  • Minutes submitted by Secretary, Gene Beaumont.