Meeting Minutes – 12/7/09

Dec 7, 2009 | Meeting Minutes

LOCATION: Tony Inzana’s house

ATTENDEES: Tony Inzana, Gene Beaumont, Adam Brennan, John Alloco, Doug Corea, Jeff Walker, Greg Curcio


  • Meeting started at 7:15 p.m. by Tony Inzana
  • Minutes from previous meeting were read
  • Graphic Design work for Worlds:
    • Currently, we have five students from RIT and Roberts Wesleyan who have volunteered to come up with designs for the 2011 AM Worlds.
    • Some early drawings have been done but nothing of note.
    • Jeff Walker will post to other club’s forums to see if anybody would be interested in submitting designs.
    • We would also like to talk to Scott from Freetime to see if he is willing to help.
  • January’s Club Meeting:
    • Sending a mass email was discussed to help get the word out.
    • The agenda for the meeting was also discussed.
  • Non-profit status update:
    • Gene Beaumont advised that the lawyer has all of the paperwork and it has been sent to Albany.
  • Course Setup Ideas:
    • Ideas were tossed around about how to set up courses:
      • Adding distances in fairway to basket
      • Ensuring all baskets have 30′ circle around them
      • The need for an overall course chairman and individual course supervisors
  • Greece Canal and Powder Mill Park courses:
    • Greg Curcio gave an update about how he has walked the proposed Powder Mill Park course.
    • Discussed the proposal that was submitted to the Monroe County Parks Dept. to solicit funds from the Greece Canal Park budget ($2,000,000), for park improvements, to build a course.
  • Player’s Party:
    • A date for the party was discussed for either Wednesday or Thursday of the tournament week.
    • Funds for the player’s party were also discussed especially when it comes to the sounds board and lights needed for the bands.
    • Jeff Walker suggested that he knew several bands that may be interested in playing during the tournament week.
  • Tournament Activities:
    • Ideas for Red Wing and Rhino games during tournament involving long drive finalists.
    • Tony suggested that perhaps the FlyMart and Shuffle would be on the same night.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Secretary, Gene Beaumont.