Monday Match Play League

Starting June 6 at 5:45pm:  Monday Match Play!

This league will consist of 6 weeks of Irish match play and finish with a 2 week, traditional 1v1 match play playoff bracket of the top 16 point-getters to determine the champion.


GRDGC Match Play League 2019 Standings


What is Irish match play?

It’s like a mix between traditional match play and skins. Instead of scoring each hole against one other person, you get points relative to how the whole 4-person card scores. Scoring works as follows: 2 points for an outright low score (ie. one person birdies and everyone else gets par or worse) and 1 point for tied low score (2,3 or 4 players tie with the low score on the card).


Here's a quick scoring scenario (players A,B,C,D):

Hole 1: A: birdie, B: par, C: par, D: bogey-  A gets 2 points, 0 points for everyone else


Hole 2: A: birdie, B: birdie, C: par, D: bogey - A & B get 1 point each, 0 for C & D


Hole 3: A: bogey, B: bogey, C: bogey, D: bogey - All players get 1 point.


The regular season will consist of a weekly 18-hole round of 4-person (or 3-person) randomly drawn cards. Concessions are encouraged on lost holes to speed up play.


Cost is $5/week (optional $1 ace pot & $1 CTP) - $4 to weekly payout and $1 to finals

Payout is made to each card winner ($16 for 4-person card, $12 for 3-person card).


It’s summer and everyone is busy, so the lowest weekly point total out of the 6 weeks will be dropped.


Playoffs will consist of a single 16-player match play bracket, seeded based on total points. Tiebreakers for seeding are determined by total number of individual holes won (outright wins>tied wins># of weeks attended>coin flip). No-showing will result in automatic forfeiture.


Each playoff match will consist of a single 9-hole round with the winner moving on and the loser going home. Week 1 will consist of the Round of 16 and quarterfinal, Week 2 will have semifinals and finals. If there is enough interest in the league, we may add a wildcard week to increase the total number of playoff spots (TBD after week 2).  Final payout structure TDB pending weekly attendance totals.


Tentative schedule:

6/3: Chili

6/10: Ellison

6/17: Basil

6/24: Chili

7/1: Ellison

7/8: Basil

7/15: Possible wildcard week @ Parma

7/22: Parma (Playoffs Rof16 & Quarterfinals)

7/29: Parma (Semifinals & Finals)


Please contact Jeff Carson with any questions. 585-500-8944 or on Facebook Messenger.



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