Match Play League

The Greater Rochester Disc Golf Club Match Play League is back for an abbreviated 2020 season!


We will be playing on Thursday nights for 6 weeks, starting on 7/30/20.


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The format is traditional match play. We'll be playing 9-hole matches against 2 random draw opponents on a card each week. I have a scoring system set-up for any 3 player cards. For payouts, each player essentially puts up $2/match. You and your opponent are welcome to wager extra cash on individual matches if you both desire.


I’m excited to announce that MVP Disc Sports has signed on as a disc sponsor this year! We’ll be giving away two discs each week: one free CTP prize and another randomly drawn from that week’s participant pool.


Cost: $5 ($2/match + $1/club) + $1 optional ace + $1 optional cash CTP. For any week at the RIv, it’s an additional $2 for the greens fee (normally, the greens fee is $5). If you have a Riv membership, you can waive the Riv fee.


Time: 6pm. We will move to 5:45pm on 8/13. Your tee assignment will be determined ahead of time, so meet your cardmates at the tee.


Pre-registration and digital payments are required by 3pm on Thursdays. This'll allow me to set the cards up beforehand so we can tee off earlier. Payouts will be digital as well.


Payment options (in order of preference):



Venmo: @jeffcarson1

Paypal (Friends & Family, leave comments blank):

Cashapp: $jeffcarson1



There will be no finals bracket this year. I’m treating this shortened season as a test for the scoring system. Final points leader will get a trophy.


Traditional match play rules apply, as well as the following additions:


All regular season matches are played to 9 holes. Matches can end in a tie.


Ties result in splitting the winnings (essentially getting that match’s entry fee back). Players can decide to play tie-breakers for the winnings, however a tie will still be the official scoring for points.


Competitors are allowed to concede a hole at any time. A player may tell their opponent to pick up their disc at any time, in which the shot counts automatically. A player may finish the hole after a concession during the regular season. A concession cannot be refused or withdrawn.


Each hole won (Hole Win) must be recorded for tie-breaking purposes in the standings (i.e. a player wins a match 4-2, not "2-up")


Tiebreaker hierarchy: Points > Hole wins > Hole losses > # of weeks attended


Both players may agree to end a match before all 9 holes are completed, sacrificing any additional Hole Wins they may earn. If one player decides to end the round early, the other player earns hole wins for the remaining holes.


Players may agree before the match to play for additional cash.


The highest 4 players in point standings in attendance for the league night will play together on the "Lead Card". 


Players 5-8 in point standings in attendance for the league night will play together on the "Chase Card". 


All other players will be randomly assigned to 3 or 4 player cards.


Players earn points towards final standings as follows:

Lead card: 5 points for a win, 2 points for a tie

Chase card: 4 points for a win, 1.5 points for a tie

General field and first week: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie


Scoring example:


Bernie beats Aaron 3-2 and Cathy beats Derrick 8-0 on the front nine.


Cathy beats Aaron 1-0 and Bernie & Derrick tie on the back nine.


In the general field: Aaron gets 0 pts, Bernie gets 4 pts, Cathy gets 6 pts, Derrick gets 1 pt.

On the Lead Card: Aaron gets 0 pts, Bernie gets 7 pts, Cathy gets 10 pts, Derrick gets 2 pts.


3 player card special scoring:


Scoring for 3 player cards is, unfortunately, confusing. Worst case scenario, write down the scores for each hole as if you were playing a 3-way match and I will determine the winners and losers of each match for scoring/payout purposes.


On the front nine, Player A counts their score against Player B, Player B counts their score against Player C, and Player C counts their score against Player A. The order reverses for the back nine.



On hole 1, Aaron shoots a par, Bernie and Cathy both bogey.

Aaron beats Bernie, Bernie ties Cathy, and Cathy loses to Aaron.


On hole 2, Aaron shoots a birdie, Bernie a par, and Cathy a bogey.

Aaron beats Bernie, Bernie beats Cathy, and Cathy loses to Aaron.


Front 9: Aaron beats Bernie 2-1, Bernie beats Cathy 1-0, Cathy loses to Aaron 0-2.


Back 9: Cathy beats Bernie 4-1, Bernie beats Aaron 1-0, Aaron loses to Cathy 0-4.


Please feel free to contact Jeff Carson with any questions via Facebook Messenger or text at 585-500-8944 .


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