2020 GRDGC Membership

Price: $26.00  |   Code: grdgc2020

For the first time ever, both of this year's GRDGC membership items were custom made by fellow club members!


Cost: $25 (+$1 to PayPal)


Membership Package:

  • 3D printed GRDGC Mini
  • Custom printed 2020 GRDGC Bag Tag


Benefits of becoming a GRDGC Member:

  • Voting rights at Club Meetings
  • Eligibe for members-only prizes in the Cash Monthly Events
  • Eligibe for all club CTPs and ace pool at leagues

  • Entry in the Annual GRDGC Championships in the fall


2020 GRDGC Mini (purple)2020 GRDGC Mini (grey)2020 GRDGC Mini (blue)

2020 GRDGC Bag Tag (front)2020 GRDGC Bag Tag (back)


Item Options

GRDGC Payment


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