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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
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By Sped
Winter League starts Saturday Nov. 11 @ Basil.
Chip draw is at 9:30, PROMPTLY.
The cost is the same, $10.
• $1 for one optional mulligan (paid prior to start of play)
$5 to pay out, $1 to ace pool, $1 to CTP, $1 to Chili Cookout / Shenanigans, $2 to finals. Once the ace pool hits $150, $3 will go towards finals. If an ace is hit, 2/3rds of the pot is paid out. Format is the same, random draw doubles. Handicaps are the same, you are given 0 to 3 strokes at our discretion. The length of the league stays the same as always, 18 weeks, so March 10th will be the last week of regular play. You MUST make 10 of the 18 weeks to qualify for finals. It will cost you $4 for each week that you miss to participate in the finals.
• Finals will be on March 17th, 1 round at Basil

Current stats
Tournament Fund: $750
Year End: $1760
GRDGC Cares: $110
Women's Global $100
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By krohn29
I will be at winter league with lots of disc golf stuff for sale.

Bring extra cash if you want some goodies, i also love paypal.
Discs for sale be $5 or $10 then i also have 2 disc golf bags for sale with me...

Hope to see everyone this Saturday!
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By Sped
Year End Qualifiers ($$ owed)
Adam Brennan (0)
Ed Bower (0)
Kevin Shea (8)
Sheldon DeMarco (0)
Rob DeMarco (0)
Brandon DeMarco (0)
John Frank (8)
Jamie Rockefeller (0)
John Alloco (0)
Drew Hoteling (16)
Chris Miller (24)
Kyle Walker (0)
Rob Bryan (28)
Steve Schickler (28)
Sherry Herzog (16)
Tim Campbell (0)
Dale Wurtz (32)
Tim Bayer (0)
Rick Watkins (0)
Pat Alcott (0)
Mike Herzog (24)
Don LaComba (32)
Tim Beam (32)
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By Sped
Year End Summary

Big thanks to all

$1640 Finals Payout
$100 Women Global Event
$450 Chili Cookout
$450 Shenanigans
$110 GRDGC Cares

GRDGC Payment


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