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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By walker
I just saw on the news today that the Shadow Pines master plan has been approved, including the disc golf course. Does the club have any update on this? Timeline of design/install, or how/when we can help?

Also approved was a mountain biking area. The Genesee Region Off-road Cyclists (GROC) group is being consulted to build the trails. I'm wondering if there is any overlap with any equipment or manpower needed to build trails into the disc golf. Perhaps our two clubs could work together to share equipment costs or work days.
By Doug Corea
To whom it may concern and Walker:

The master plan only allocates @ 17 acres for Disc Golf.

To maximize course layout, I foresee multiple tee pads and possible alternate pin placements. This would allow many configurations of the nine (9) hole course.

The bad biker news: I think to put trail on the Disc Golf course would be unfeasible from a space and safety perspective.

The good biker news: the total area of the former Shadow Pines ball/stick Golf course is large. Hopefully the bikers can find a more suitable area.

Doug Corea PDGA #304
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By walker
If space is an issue, sounds like 2 baskets and 2 tees each hole would be a great solution.

I wasn't suggesting the bike trails share space with the DG course. That would indeed be dangerous. According to the plan layout, the bikers have been allotted a separate area. I was just wondering if there was any equipment used to build mountain biking trails (like chainsaws, tamper back hoe) that might also be useful building the disc golf course. Was thinking a coordinated work day could share such equipment and any rental costs. I wasn't sure if the DG course might need any clearing, or footpaths built between holes. But since it's an old golf course, I suppose probably not.

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