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Course conditions, opinions and observations
Hi all,

I'm new to disc golf as of the pandemic. I lucked out that I live very close to a course. Lookup Park in Henrietta is my local course. As a par-3 it's challenging enough for me as I figure the sport out. My current goal is par or better for 9 holes on this course. Since I've been looping around this course a lot, out of curiosity I started timing myself. Mainly because I've been sneaking rounds in before work, during lunch, or before getting home from work. I started playing faster and faster because I wanted to get that extra 9 holes in before my next work or home commitment. Once I knew in general how long it took me, since it's just me solo out here I started keeping an accurate timing of a round. Competing against myself has been fun, but now I'd like to introduce the:


GOAL: To play the fasted 9 holes at Lookup Park while staying par or better overall for the round of 9 holes.

1.) All normal, traditional disc golf rules apply for normal gameplay, scoring, etc.

2.) All local course rules apply. E.g. penalties for OB on roads, dog park, ponds, etc.

3.) Participating in this challenge must not interfere with other disc golfers having a 'normal' round. You must politely work around others for this or perhaps visit at non-peak times.

4.) A round of 9 holes must be completed with an overall score of par or better for the 9 holes.

5.) Holes 1 through 9 must be played in consecutive order. No starting on hole 8 & 9 first, then finishing on 1-7. No playing holes out of order.

6.) All play, throws, scoring, retrieving thrown discs, etc. must be completed by the player participating in the challenge. No physical assistance is allowed to be accepted. Verbal assistance, e.g. advice on how to best play a shot, is allowed.

7.) Timing must be consistent between participants. The way to time a round for this challenge is as follows:

START - Participant uses a stop watch or smart phone to start a timer. The player makes their first throw AFTER the timer has been started. Do NOT start the timer after the first throw. This is difficult to remember at times. Guestimating how much time to add on for when the timer was not running is not acceptable.

END - The player continues to player their round of 9 holes. Upon sinking the shot in the basket on the 9th hole the player has completed the round. Once the round has been completed, the player can then stop their timer. Do NOT stop the timer prior to throwing or sinking the last shot. The shot must go in the basket prior to stopping the timer.

NOTE ON PRECISION - Note how close the first two scores submitted below are. Please include hundredths or thousandths of seconds if your timing device allows. Timers that increment only to the full second are assumed to have the hundredths and thousandths places be zero filled.

8.) If a participant would like to submit their time, please include the time/date of of the round, your overall score, the exact time from the timer, and a brief description or narrative of the round.

Initial Submissions to start this off:
To kick this off, after working on this challenge for maybe 5 to 7 times, my two best 9 holes par or better times are:

7/24/2020 3:30 PM - Even par - Time 11:58:32 - Birdie on #5, bogey on #7. Had a group kids going fishing walk across the 7th fairway right before my shot. Was wearing jeans and work clothes. I was surprised on the result.

7/25/2020 2:00 PM - Even par - Time 11:58:26 - Bogey on #8 from laziness/tiredness from playing prior rounds. Birdied 9 with really long putt to save overall par. Was really tired from 3 prior rounds that day where I was playing fast and it was really hot out.

I am looking forward to seeing if anyone is up for beating this time and maybe come across some of you out on the courses this summer!
I got a run in this morning. I even par'd the 9-holes in 13:09:64 I ended up with par on each hole.

I thought I was moving quickly, but I ended up a minute plus behind. I have completed a round in 10:56 at a brisk walking pace, but had a bogey or two DQ'ing the run. Some days this challenge seems easy, and other days it just goes bad.

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