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Course conditions, opinions and observations
So what is the story with what's going on at Mcc? Is the course being taken out or they are just going to let it over grow?

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From the Club's post on facebook:

"Unfortunately effective immediately the GRDGC and its members are not allowed to do any maintenance of the MCC course.

Despite prior agreements with the college, new management of the facilities and grounds are trying to determine the future of the course and during this period will not authorize what has been our routine maintenance (mowing and maintaining overgrown brush).

Unfortunately our mower broke [for a few weeks at the end of July] so we were not able to get to all holes prior to this decision. Some of the holes in the back will remain difficult/soon to be unplayable.

Our club representatives are currently trying to work with MCC to resolve this matter and we will update you as we know more."
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By lcra0825
I saw posts on Facebook at the end of August seeming to show that the club was allowed to do mowing and maintenance. I also heard rumors that baskets were being taken out. Is that true or not? Basically what is the status of MCC September 1 2019?
Best shape it has been in for a while only hole 4 is missing! Both gold and black baskets are mowed, looks great!

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Here's the update from August 12:


There is a lot of things being said about MCC so we want to update everyone on the current state.

1. The GRDGC has worked with various people at MCC to get the course to where it is presently. We know spring and early summer can be tough there with poor drainage. However in late summer and fall it is one of our most enjoyed courses and we are proud of the work we have done with them. Unfortunately this spring all remaining staff that has/had worked with us retired. As we have found out, this transition, specifically pertaining to the area the disc golf course is in (land use, maintenance, allowed/not allowed work) all didn’t get communicated to the oncoming staff.

2. This past week we had a great conversation with their head of facilities and are definitely moving in the right direction to get back to what our prior arrangements were. I can say that this course isn’t going away and will be fully playable/mowed sometime in the near future once things are finalized.

3. Currently hole #4 is not playable as all baskets were removed by the college for work they needed to do. This is temporary and the hole will be modified to fit the colleges/GRDGC needs.

4. Currently hole #6 tee is partially obstructed. We are also working on a solution for this.

5. We appreciate everyone’s support of the GRDCG and we ask that you continue to be patient as we follow the appropriate channels to get this course back to one we all can enjoy. If you have any questions please reach out to one of our officers.

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As for a more current update. Yes the Club has been allowed to mow again, as we have in the past. If you would like to help the club with this, please let us know as we have our high grass mower stored out there!

Ryan said he may try to get out there before league tonight to re-cement hole #4. If not, we we at least have a temp basket out there for tonight.

Chip draw at 5:30 PM tonight!
Looks great who ever mowed! Thanks

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