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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By ejo
Okay, I'm aware of the fact that what I'm about to propose would be considered disc golf heresy by some.

Move the baskets from North Ponds to other courses in the area.....

Seriously though, at what point do you pull the plug on a nine-hole course that hardly anyone plays, and sits there season after season in a state of limbo. The baskets at North Ponds are in great shape (probably because no-one ever uses them).

I'm aware of the fact that there are relatively few courses on the east side of the county, I live in that area. But I don't know anyone who has played North Ponds more than once. It's poorly laid out, not marked with indicators, and incredibly frustrating to play. Is it even a real course?

The reason I'm writing this is for a very practical reason. There are baskets all over the county that are damaged, or in serious states of disrepair (#4 at Ellison for example). BTW, #4 at Ellison is getting ridiculous. Is anyone really gonna have a panic attack because they come across a Discatcher basket on a course with Mach IIIs?? Wouldn't the nine at North Ponds actually get used if they went to replace baskets where we need them? Considering how expensive the damn things are, why not move the ones from North Ponds?

Awaiting incoming fire.....

Yours sincerely, Erik
By ejo
Just had another thought,

Maybe we could ship them over to Parma, and create a Championship calibre 27 hole course. There might be room for 9 more over there.....
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By reksav

I would suggest attending a club meeting and bringing up points like this. To answer directly to the course in question, North Ponds, the course was redesigned earlier this summer. There needs to be tee indicators and tee signs installed to complete the course. Due to a lack of volunteers and an over abundance of arm chair bitching, this hasn't been done yet.

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By Kristina_Punzi
I was also going to say what Derek said: attend a club meeting. That's the best way to start getting things done and a good way to voice your concerns or opinions. The next one is Monday, August 29th, 7 pm at Buffalo Wild Wings. There is always a bit of time at the beginning of the meeting that is set aside for non-club members to propose topics to discuss.
By Kristina_Punzi
And to address your concerns about North Ponds: I know quite a few people who have played the course more than once, myself included. It does get used and some people are very happy to have it. And I have actually had many people who attend that park ask me what 'those metal things' are all around the park, so it's a really great way to gain exposure for disc golf since the park gets a lot of traffic. The course may not be in a state that you're happy with, but if more people were willing to volunteer their time to help with these types of things, then they would get done a lot quicker.
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By Jerami
The suggestions of picking up baskets and moving them from courses happens frequently. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just relocating baskets to another park or town. Most of the courses have baskets that have been donated to or purchased by the municipality. This means that they are not owned by the club.

The matter of ownership is only one reason why your suggestions are not plausible is because you are basing your thoughts only on beliefs and opinions. To say things like a course is "unused" or "has no purpose" or that another is "more popular," or "played more" is all opinion based,

These topics and many others, including course maintenance, volunteer opportunities and more are discussed at each and every club meeting. We would be happy to meet you and hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions on how to improve disc golf in Rochester. You can find information about each meeting right here on the forum, the homepage of the club website and on Facebook. Come on out and witness the overlooked and often taken for granted aspects of running a successful club with so many courses and activities to appease the masses!

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By rockefeller
While we are on the subject, can we take the pond at North ponds park and move it someplace else. I noticed MCC hole #8 is missing a lot of water so we could move it there.

Even though the redesign has moved the baskets away from the water more, there is still a chance I could lose a disc. So let's move it and once the water is gone we will have to rename the park.

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