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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Werkzilla
Tried to play North Ponds today for the first time but there is a lack of direction and its literally all goose droppings.Idk if the signs are gone or hard to see but myself and another seasoned player could not figure that place out maybe a bad map.if I can help at all to improve things I will gladly volunteer my time.
By muniorbust
I was there yesterday too. The goose poop is impossible to change or avoid. It sounds gross as I write this, but I just ignore it and don't even notice it anymore.

I agree about the tees. I played with a map a few times and now I just guesstimate where the tees are. I don't like that. And I think natural tees are ok, we just need some kind of marker. Like a 4x4 embedded flat in the ground as the front edge of a tee or a small post with a number sign. It's gonna point the way to the basket which is then obvious, so signs aren't necessarily necessary.

Also, can the basket numbers be ordered correctly?

Who is the steward for North Ponds? Is there active work being done?
By muniorbust
Does anyone have any updates on tees. markers, and signs for this course? I haven't had a chance to get to this course this year to check.
In another thread it was suggested attending meetings would be the way to voice concerns like this.
I don't want to attend a meeting only to find out the wheels have been in motion on this for year, or that's it's done. What happened to whoever last organized the redesign? Is there a steward for this park?
By Kristina_Punzi
Posts have been installed where the tees are meant to be. Women's league is at North Ponds for the month of July, so we spray painted tees, with numbers, and arrows after the basket in the direction of the next tee when it is not obvious where the next post is located.
By Kaullsen
What kind of condition is North Ponds currently in? How bad is the goose droppings situation really? It takes a lot to gross me out.
User avatar
By TBayer
Paul Fromm installed the new North Ponds Signs!

Yesterday, Paul lugged around signs and power tools in the cold and snow and installed the new Tee Signs at North Ponds Park.

I asked Paul to take a picture with a sign and he sent me this photo. If you see him, please thank him for his fine work.

Thank you Paul!

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