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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By TBayer
Greetings All,

There is a need for Exterior paint and paint-slapping.

The new tee signs are here, I could use some help.

As a deterrent to sign vandalism by knuckleheads, the plan is to place plywood behind the tee signs before attaching to posts. I provided the plywood and Doug Blighton cut the wood to sign size (Please thank Doug when you see him). The plywood must be painted before the signs and plywood backing can be installed.

Exterior Paint - Any Color
We need exterior paint to coat the plywood to make it weather proof. ANY color exterior paint will work. Please let me know if you have exterior paint you don't need.

Paint slapping, Cold Beverage, Round at Ellison
If you are able to spend an hour or so slapping paint on plywood, that will be helpful too. If you have a little more time, we can paint plywood, play a round at Ellison, drink a cold beverage, or two, that I'll supply (Water, Mt. Dew, or Beer) then finish painting plywood.

Please reply here, or text/call me; 585-678-1941


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By TBayer
Hi Jaurand,

I was in Kansas for the Glass Blown Open, and the 10 days I was away put me a bit behind on everything. I am getting caught up with course maintenance and clean up after the storm damage, which is the highest priority. After that, I can turn my attention to the Ellison sign installation.

Can you assist with the work for Ellison? Is there anyone else that is available to help?

If you want to help me with course clean up or sign installation, Email me,, or call/text me, 585-678-1941.

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By TBayer
Hi Patrick,

I'm glad to have the help. Please call me or send a text message (585-678-1941) so I can add you to my contact list on my phone.

If anyone else can lend a hand, please call me or send a text message so I can also have you in my phone so I can coordinate effectively.

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By TBayer
Hi Jeff (Jaurand),

Despite my request, I did not hear from you to help with Ellison Disc Golf Course work. Since you never contacted me, I took the initiative to get the work done without your help.

I finished painting the plywood for the Tee Signs. I bought the mounting hardware, and attached the plexiglass and tee signs to the painted plywood.

With the signs completed, Paul Fromm drilled the mounting holes into the signs. On Saturday, Paul and Steve Schickler installed the signs at Ellison. They did excellent work.

Jeff, the signs are now installed. If you see other things that need to be done at the Ellison Disc Golf Course, please contact me (585-678-1941) and you can join me and the other folks that volunteer their time to work on course updates.

Thanks in advance.

By jaurand

Seems like my question may have ruffled your feathers.

I put money up for one of those signs (with some friends) a year ago. I think it was reasonable for me to ask the question.

Thanks for doing the work. I'm already looking forward to my next round at Ellison.
By sherzog
Thank you Tim and the very few others who maintain the Rochester courses. Ongoing maintenance is always needed to maintain the courses for all to enjoy. If anyone else would like to volunteer their time and sweat, feel free to do so. It is a lot to keep up with with very few doing the work for others to reap the rewards.
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By TBayer

Truth be told - the wording on the post, “… ever going to be installed …” struck me as accusatory. Unknown by you, I was especially thin-skinned this spring since a lot of work was done to get Ellison (and other courses) cleaned up after the immense wind storm damage. My bad.

The bottom line is this: Providing money, materials or labor is always appreciated.

The ruffled feathers are back in place and time to move on.

By FishyMack
FYI, I am the one who creates and posts the small white signs with black numbers and arrows. I do this in order for new players to be able to find there way around the course. So far I have done Churchville, Chili, Basil, Parma, Sawyer Park, SUNY Geneseo and Williamson. In fact I just redid Chili, Basil and Parma this year.

If anyone has suggestions for other courses, please feel free to suggest. I may or may not do others, depending.

Alan "Fishy" Mack
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By TBayer
Alan - thank you for the direction signs on other courses. I know it is very helpful for those visiting from outside Rochester. I would like to take some space here to thank those that helped on the Ellison signs.

A number of people have commented on the new signs at Ellison. Though I was a focal point, it was truly a team effort. I hope I do not miss anyone who helped, but I will list those folks that I am aware of that pitched in.

If you see any on the list (including sign sponsors), please thank them for their assistance with the new Ellison tee signs.

The Sign Sponsors - Printed on the bottom of each sign. This would not have happened without the sponsors. Please thank them and/or visit their business.
Jamie Moldt - Provided list of previous sponsors.
Ryan Hand - Identifying and contacting sign sponsors.
Tim Bayer - Donated plywood used for all the signs at Ellison.
Doug Blighton - Cut plywood to proper size for signs.
Tim Bayer - Donated primer and paint for plywood.
Adam Achter and Tim Bayer - Priming and painting plywood.
Mike Bauman - Mike and his work crew repaired damaged signs and posts for preliminary, temporary signs.
Mike Herzog - Got plexiglass sponsor, then delivered cut plexiglass.
Tim Bayer - Mounted signs and plexiglass on painted plywood backing.
Paul Fromm - Drilled sign mounting holes.
Paul Fromm, Steve Shickler - Removed old tee signs, mounted new tee signs.

Thanks to all of you (and anyone who I may have missed)!


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