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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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This topic is a place to share & discuss ideas about what work needs to be performed at Ellison. The Course Supervisor for Ellison is Tim Bayer (TBayer)...
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By TBayer
#16 Basket repaired. Last year, #16 basket at Ellison was vandalized by some knucklehead who bent the basket. The basket was repaired today. Here is the before and after:

My thanks to Chris, Chris, Tim and John who helped me with the repair. Here is a picture of the crew:

Thanks for the help!
By Hans
Wow ! even the grass got greener after the philanthropists restored the vandalized basket. It looks like a weight watchers before and after photo. Thanks guys :clap: I missed my putt on the ugly "before" basket.
By mbh
Can I pay to have a big sign put in that says, "Please let faster groups play through"?
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By TBayer
mbh wrote:Can I pay to have a big sign put in that says, "Please let faster groups play through"?

Actually, ... Yes. You can sponsor a sign and put that text in the sponsor space.

If you are serious (and not just ranting), I believe we could arrange for you to sponsor the creation and posting of a "Disc Golf Rules And Etiquette" sign that could be placed next to tee #1. This would 1) be helpful for new golfers and 2) educate others (slow golfers) on "please play through" etiquette.

Perhaps you and some of your friends could chip in for such a sign, which could also include, "This sign compliments of MBH, Sue Bach, Bob Thomas, Samantha King and Jake Wilson", (or some different names).

Back to you: Are you just venting, or are you serious about creating a sign?
By mbh
Both :P

But I would be willing to put money towards this. Do we think this would be helpful?

My fear would be that a sign wouldn't change anything. You would still get stuck behind a group of 8 with two dogs off the leash and a baby stroller.

What does everyone think?
By mbh
I'm also wondering if a sign would help with the death zone around hole 17. Discs are flying everywhere from the top of the hill and I'm not always hearing a "fore" being called.
By Kristina_Punzi
This type of sign was discussed at the last club meeting and we all agreed it was a good idea. We also agreed that it may not stop all of the bad behavior because people can be jerks. Personally, I think educating people about disc golf etiquette is a good idea and will help to grow the sport in a positive way. :thumbup:
By mbh
For sure. The lack of common sense out there is a worry, but I'm sure the majority aren't trying to be jerks.
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By Jerami
Correct Tom, there should be NO plastic bags put out at any course. This only encourages people to leave stuff on the courses because "someone else will get it." We need to keep people accountable for their own actions, and remind them that they should carry in, carry out.

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By TBayer
Jerami wrote:Correct Tom, there should be NO plastic bags put out at any course. This only encourages people to leave stuff on the courses because "someone else will get it." We need to keep people accountable for their own actions, and remind them that they should carry in, carry out.

... a good rule for all the courses ... with a possible exception being Barb, who picks up cans and garbage - most days at Ellison. Barb walks the Ellison Park course early morning with her black lab and a trash bag, usually well before 8am. She picks up the cans and garbage left in bags at the tee sign posts. She is also the one that hangs a fresh bag at each of the tee sign posts. If/When Barb stops picking up the garbage, the "no trash bags at the courses" rule will apply to Ellison as well. That being said, everyone should carry-in, carry-out so that Barb will not have anything to pick up, ever, and there will be no need for her to put trash bags on the tee sign posts.
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By reksav
Hanging bags promotes people leaving behind garbage. If Barb is using this as a source of income, place a garbage can near the parking lot. People see a bag hanging and think it's OK to leave the trash. Bags at tee signs are not a good idea, period. I applaud Barb for cleaning up after folks, but her doing it without leaving garbage bags behind is just as easily done.
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By TBayer
I agree, trash bags at tee signs at Chili and Basil has proven to be a very bad scenario. I also suspect that right now (at the present time without a promoted, anti-littering initiative), even without trash bags, garbage will be left at the tee signs at Ellison. Ugh! I can only speculate about the position the park would take about a proposal for a trash can to be left at the parking lot, but I am inclined to believe that it would not be positive.

I have been picking up littered cans and bottles when I play at Ellison since the spring of 2013. I have noticed that once the bags showed up at the tee sign posts, the cans and bottles that I had to I climb in and retrieve from the weeds, woods and under pine trees has dropped significantly.

Which leaves this. The situation at Ellison seems to be a net positive. Ellison seems to have a lot less trash than other DG courses, likely (obviously?) because non-park affiliated people are expending effort to pick up after those that litter. I wish the littering would stop.

Perhaps a good course of action for Ellison (and all DG courses) is this: More actively promote and advertise Cary-in Carry-Out at all DG courses. Post carry in, carry out signs. Educate park visitors to not litter. If you see littering kindly ask that it stop.

Maybe with such an initiative, there will be a decrease in littering. In the best case scenario, this would have positive results with the ultimate goal of one day there will be no litter to pick up.
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By reksav
The problem with the bags is it gives the idea to those that don't go to meetings or read this forum that it is a good idea to leave bags at courses. At the very least, leave a bucket on the post like Parma.

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By Jerami
I agree with Derek, the bags leave the impression that this is an acceptable practice not only at Ellison but at any and all courses. Although Barb may the cleaning the bags daily there, there are no "Barbs" at the other courses. Bags full up with water and become a bigger problem in the end.

Parma buckets work great there because there is a grounds crew to clear them, and it does not necessarily inspire people to hang buckets wherever they go. Perhaps that is something to help Barb with, strategically placed buckets with holes in the bottom to drain the rain water. He help is appreciated, don't think either of us are putting down her efforts, but the strategy could be improved.

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By TBayer
Reading the previous posts indicates to me that we are basically in agreement.

1) Bags on posts present impression leaving trash is OK. Our position (based on the failed experiment at Basil) is that leaving a bag on sign posts is NOT OK.

2) Only because of Barb's effort does bags at Ellison work.

3) However, this "exception" sets a bad precedent and may (will) instigate littering at other courses.

4) BUT, and there always has to be a but, Parma has buckets (not bags) at the tee sign posts, and Parma Town Employees actively empty the buckets. Hence, Ellison is not the sole location with sign post receptacles and active pick up. Probably because Parma and Ellison have sign post receptacles, there are significantly less cans and bottles in the weeds and trees than are found at Chili and Basil. Receptacles on sign posts decreases littered containers in trees and weeds on the course.

Not an easy decision point; The dilemma is this: What to do about Ellison and Parma.

Provide more promotion, exposure (large "carry in carry out" signs at courses) and education of park users?

Remove all buckets and bags at Parma and Ellison? Without promotion and education for CI-CO, this could have bad results (containers and trash everywhere).

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By Jerami
Parma buckets were put there by the official maintenance crew of the property. They actively clean the property and collect the garbage from the buckets daily. The buckets at Parma are not to be removed unless the grounds crew makes that decision to do so themselves.

The bags give a bad impression overall. They fill with water, flap in the wind and blow away, and they do not present any sort of professional or clean image of the courses.

Yes, educate the idiots that throw garbage around, slap them with a business card that says "Don't be a dick", put up signs that say "Carry in, Carry out", warn people of the dangers of losing the courses if they are a mess. Whatever needs to be done, those of us that are active in the needs of the club and courses need to share with others the acceptable way to act in public, and help to develop other productive members of society. There will always be mouth breathing troglodytes to ruin our fun, we just need to prevent others from further regressing into these hideous creatures.

TLDR; bags are gross, people are gross, the lack of respect for nature is gross.

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