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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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This topic is a place to share & discuss ideas about what work needs to be performed at Chili. The Course Supervisor for Chili is Mike Herzog (zog9605)...
By zog9605
Firstly(new word?), I want to thank Adam for such a nice, new and improved looking website for us....proud to be a GRDG-er...
Secondly- please pick up garbage that other "dirty" Americans like to leave to express their freedom. Thanks from Libertarians everywhere.
Thirdly- When trimming a pine tree from the ground up, please only go a few branches high. Just enough to get a foot under neath if your lie ends up there. 3 foot high should be the maximum to prune....
Fourthly....come warmer weather, beware the bees and always the poison ivy.
Fiffly- Looking to make alternate tee blocks that are flat metal with a post welded on to hammer down at Reds location....any welders?

Hole 1- Road OB line thinning and clearing. General pruning.
Hole 2- Short basket location needs a sleeve raising - more concrete to get basket higher. General pruning of suckers and Hawthorns.
Hole 3 - Pruning OB line. Pruning center shrubbery but not too much.
Hole 4 & 5 - Center garden area that is mostly nettles and weeds...Local garden club want to nursery maybe or anyone with a green thumb to conquer it?
Hole 6 - Ever since its inception I think a small bunker pond would be perfectly located just short and left of the hole where every wet season it collects would dry out the hole in damp season.
Hole 7- Garden mound near the green by the creek to be beautified.
Hole 8 - Green cleaning and maintenance and fortifying.
Hole 9 - (Nelson's Hole) This hole is Bob Nelson's hole from the original sponsors. I wanted to get a rock engraved with that information...hoping to finally get that done this year. Its been my pet project for a couple years now since his sudden death 6 years ago....Regrettably I wish I had gotten this done sooner but life has a way of re-prioritizing things for you whether you like it or not.
By zog9605
The Back 9:

Hole 10- the thicket along the right fairway knocked down some. The pine trees on the far corner can be trimmed from bottom up a foot or two.
Hole 11- the first set of pines to the left need trimming up from bottom. OB line to be trimmed.
Hole 12- weed wack the mound around the green. Trim OB line.
Hole 13- not bad
Hole 14- pines near the wind mill can be trimmed up from bottom.
Hole 15- OB line, trimmed and cut back.
Hole 16- I have some Forsythia bushes to plant out there atop the mounds so hopefully it will aid in keeping the weeds down eventually.
Hole 17- the pines- again
Hole 18 - if you were thinking pines- you win!
By zog9605
I am updating this post to ask anybody looking to volunteer to do some basic brush work at Chili this March 18th to basically move cut piles of branches and brush to spots along the stone path that are out of the way of golf and walkers.
By zog9605
Also Please be aware that the forsythia bushes have been planted on hole 16 last fall. if you land on the mound be mindful to not step on the branches. I will put flags this week to mark the new shrubs...My bad for forgetting to do that earlier.
By zog9605
Happy New Year...Stay tuned for some future work days to do some general hauling of dead trees and branches that will get pruned in the coming spring. Chili Cookout Tourney is bigger and better than ever so all the volunteers that help our club keep this great course in shape are to be commended. Thank you all in advance.
By Doug Corea
Hey Zog,

When is the Chili tourney?

Saw May 11 for the Women Roc on PDGA site.

I'll be happy to work on the course.

Dale and I originally donated $20 or $25 toward Bob's memorial stone.

Disc-gracefully yours,
Doug Corea PDGA #304
FPA Freestyle and NYS Disc Golf HOF

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