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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Racer
Yes the Ellison park DG course has been pulled for the week for the bike races. Reason for pulling course was because people did not respect the bike race last year and played during bike races. The few will always spoil it for us all with not respecting others. Live and learn please.
By Brownguy
Holy damaged baskets Batman. looks like they tossed them off the back of a truck when unloading them.
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By Foot Long
Drove by on my way home and it looks like a Dr Seuss theme park... "Someone" mentioned pulling MCCs blacks and migrating them to Ellison. It sounded like a genius idea but I'm not sure if it's possible? Of course this comes at the worst time possible... Days before a tourney.
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By reksav
As we, the club, doesn't own the baskets at MCC... I doubt that's a viable option. How Dr Suessian are we talking?
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By Foot Long
I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. Those baskets are bent, one hundred percent. Some lean left, and some lean right. You should drive by and see them tonight.
By Tony Inzana
excellent Suessness Footlong !!!

I am saddened to read this post regarding our baskets at Ellison. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do as a club to fix this prior to the RFDO. We will all have to play the same course using the same baskets and hopefully we can come to a reasonable solution with Monroe County Parks and Rec moving forward. I think we all agree that we need new baskets at Ellison. Maybe this can be a priority for next year.
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By TBayer
I was still out of town when the baskets at Ellison were taken down by the parks folks for Cyclecross, so I did not see the basket for #16 before it was taken down. Hence, I don't know if the basket for #16 was damaged by vandals or if it was damaged while in the hands of the parks dept.

To me, it appears as if vandals had bent the basket, as it takes a lot of force to deform the metal cage. Easy to do for a knuckle-head teenager by climbing up, and jumping up and down on the basket. It seems less likely that the Parks folks did it during removal transport and storage. Complete speculation on my part as I did not see the basket before it was taken down.

Here is a pic of the damaged #16 basket.

It may be possible to teak it back close to horizontal with two people - one hanging on the high side of the basket while the other lifts up on the low side. (I was at Lookup Park a few weeks ago when the lawnmower ran into the basket for #9 and bent it at a similar angle. I was able to re-bend it back to close to horizontal by myself by climbing on the basket and gently jumping up and down a few times. The #9 basket tray at Lookup Park is back close to horizontal, but it is a little off. )
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By reksav
Is it just me or is does that basket seem a bit tall?

I like the idea of new baskets but unless we are more involved with the tear-down/storage/installation of said new baskets I really don't think the club should be monetarily responsible. The damage that seems to be done the past few years is getting a bit out of hand. Pressuring the Parks to purchase new ones should definitely be a priority.
By warpspeedtosser87
Oh yeah there are a lot of tall baskets right now played it yesterday only a few are all the way in. Putting will be challenging that's a given. I was not impressed with the way they have been reinstalled. Its obvious to me they rushed them back in its clear whoever did that does not care at all......
By Sythie
I played elli last night and finished my round at 7:30pm. 16 was not bent like that when I played so that happened within the last 15 hours. Although oddly holes 4,12,16 are all 1-2 feet taller now since they were removed for cyclocross
By Sythie
I'm hoping that's the case. It wasn't perfectly straight but I don't remember it being that out of shape.
By Brownguy
i think the answer is to Black bag them and use temp ones. there were 6 Buffalo guys there yesterday and they were all like what the hell is this. I realize this is not the clubs fault but damn it makes us look bad. Better solution would be Basil(little late for that though) in the winter layout so the bridge is not an issue.
And for the record 16 was not that bad before they took them out. it looks as if they were crushed maybe when they bought the mowers in to the storage shed.
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By TCampbell
The tall baskets might be an easy fix, just crap in the sleeve. The bent ones, well I'll have to talk to "the dog" about that tomorrow morning.
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By rockefeller
16s basket was not bent as much because Sean, Andy, Scott and I tried to bend it back into shape. We got it to move from a 30 degree angle to a 15 degree angle.
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By Foot Long
I bet they were bent during the re-insertion process. I'm picturing 1 or 2 guys standing on the basket trying to jam it in the sleeve. You gotta lubricate before you penetrate. :facepalm: Some WD40 + Muscle should do the trick.
By Hans
Did anyone play Ellison today? I'm wondering if the baskets are still in for a late November round tomorrow.
By Sythie
Drove by tonight and they are still in. They don't work Sunday's as far as I know so you should be good to go
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By TBayer
Basket #8 at Ellison, taken on Friday, 11/4/16.

FYI: The baskets at Ellison are usually taken down around Thanksgiving. So there are only a couple of weeks of Ellison play left before the baskets are removed for the winter.

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