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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By rhand
This past week I installed 8 of the front 9 sleeves. Tomorrow (Sunday 8/23) at 10am we will be meeting out there to put together and install the baskets.

If enough people show up we will also do some clearing on 7-9 (these holes are in the woods, where 1-6 are in the open). The goal is to have the front 9 playable by Monday. Again this is dependent upon people showing up to help out. Sorry for the short notice, but this just got squared away yesterday pm.


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By reksav
Come on meow! This is a great piece of property and needs much less clearing than we are used to for new holes. I know it's a drive... I make it everyday... But this is worth it!
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By rhand
We had a great turnout with 9 disc golfers lending a hand to get this course up and running.

Thanks to Derek, Nikki, Doug B, Steve C, Rick H, John F, John A, Matt F for coming out and helping to get this course going.

Holes 1-6 are in and playable. 7 has to be cleared, hole 8 is cleared and the basket will go in Wed, hole 9 is in and playable.

We will be meeting out there this Wed night (5p-7p) to work on hole 7 and to get 4 more baskets out on the course (the back 9). Come out and help, the more we get, the sooner this course will be up and running and it is a good one.

Thank again to those who made it out Sunday!

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By Foot Long
After playing several holes (and sacrificing 2 discs to the pond) I have to say that this course is another hidden gem just like Parma. I can't wait to see the fully polished 18. Lets get er done!
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By reksav
10am start time. From Rochester take 104 east, route 21 south past the high school to Eddy Rd, take a right. The town park is about a half mile down on the right.

3793 Eddy Rd
Williamson NY 14589
By jamie
Approximately what time will work be going on until? i may be able to make it for a bit, but i have some stuff going on in the early afternoon. Also if i can make it, do i need to bring anything as far as tools go?
By warpspeedtosser87
I was lucky enough to check it out Sunday man I love the open holes they are awesome I tried to find my way in the woods got totally confused after the basket way down in the corner where its a huge Anny over the water. Couldn't figure out the order or tee spots in the woods. Really awesome course so far can't wait to try it again!!
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By reksav
No, holes 13, 14, 15, 17 still need baskets. Aside from those 4 only hole 11s tee needs to be cleared. The course is by no means finished and will take a few more work days before it will be completely playable. That map serves as a rough outline as nothing is numbered and some tees are not marked.
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By bpfrommer
For those of you who have been frustrated by the fact that several of the baskets, 12 - 17 have had very tall grass in the fairways, the problem has been resolved. The ENTIRE back field has been cut, so you can once again head out to Williamson and let it rip.

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