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By reksav
It's that time again folks! Winter League starts this Saturday. Some things will be the same, some things will be different, so pay attention and read the ENTIRE post.

The cost is the same, $10.

$5 to payout, $1 to ace pool, $1 to CTP, $1 to Chili Cookout/Shenanigans at Shore Winds, $2 to finals.
$2 will go to the ace pool and $1 to finals until it hits $150. Once the $150 is hit, $3 will go towards finals. If an ace is hit, 2/3rds of the pot is paid out.
Nothing has chanced with the cost break down.

Format is the same, random draw doubles.

Handicaps are the same, you are given 0 to 3 strokes at The Dog and I's discretion.

Here's the part that is going to change, location. We are going to rotate between Basil, MCC, and Williamson the first 6 weeks.

11/14 @ Basil
11/21 @ MCC
11/28 @ Williamson
12/5 @ Basil
12/12 @ MCC
12/19 @ Williamson
12/26 - Until the end of league @ Basil

The length of the league stays the same as always, 18 weeks, so March 12th will be the last week of regular play. You MUST make 10 of the 18 weeks to qualify for finals. It will cost you $4 for each week that you miss to participate in the finals. Keep it mind that each year we pay out over $2000 at finals, not too shabby! Finals will be on March 19th, 1 round and the location will be determined at a later date.

To help keep track of how many weeks you've attended, please look here.

We will be drawing chips at 9:30, PROMPTLY. You can pay $1 for one optional mulligan. And each week there will be an optional $1 CTP that will help fund raise for the Cookout/Shenanigans. Prizes for the optional CTP have been donated by our awesome sponsors, Flying Disc Pro Shop, Gyroscopic Nature, and Gonzo Disc Golf. Thank you!

Current stats:
Ace Pool: $0
Tournament Fund: $1400
Year End: $2406

See you all out there!
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By reksav
Here is our list of players qualified for Finals:
Adam Brennan
Alex Martin
Bobby Jones
Brandon DeMarco
Carson Reber
Chris Bull
Chris Frank
Cyrus Merritt
Dale Wurtz
Derek Savory
Don LaComba
Ed Bower
Hans Merritt
Jason Krohn
John Alloco
Ken Kreie
Matt Brennan
Matt Forsythe
Rick Watkins
Rob DeMarco
Scott Prior
Scott Terry
Sean Young
Sheldon DeMarco
Tim Bayer
Tim Campbell
Will Debisis

And here is the list of people that qualify but must pay $4 for each week missed BEFORE finals:

Justin Whitney (8 weeks owed)
Kevin Shea (6 weeks owed)
Matt Heberle (6 weeks owed)
Mike Herzog (7 weeks owed)
Rob Bryan (2 weeks owed)

Don't forget, bring $5 with you to Finals. Thank you and see you there!

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