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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
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By rhand
What a great season 2019 was. I want to thank everyone that made it out this year - all 162 of you! Also a huge thank you to our sponsor Dynamic Discs!

All points are updated and current. Great competition in both divisions. Mike and Carson battling on the pro side. Mike and Chris on the am side. Great competition and moves to be made coming into our last week.

As of now if you are in the top 8 on the pro side you made the cut to get paid. If you are in the top 10 on the am side you made the cut to get paid. This will be distributed at finals. If you can't make it, get a hold of me or designate someone you know will be at finals who will take it for you (you need to let me know who this will be).

Again, thank you to everyone that made it out. It is truly a sight to see when the masses head out to every hole on a Tuesday night to play some disc golf!

Now down to the real business - The Finals.

This is taking place at Webster Park (north of 104 off Holt Rd) on Saturday October 12th. Map of the shelter we use as HQ:

Tentative schedule below.

8am - Course setup
8:30am - 9am - Player Registration/Chip Draw
9am - Players Meeting
9:15am - Noon - Round 1
Noon-1p - Lunch
1p-4p - Round 2
4p - Pick up/Awards

This is a temporary course that I have designed. It is all set up the morning of and taken down immediately after we are done playing. I usually tweak it a little each year, just to keep it interesting. We will be playing 2 rounds of best shot doubles (with the same partner) with a free lunch provided between rounds. The cost is $1 for each week you missed. We played 20 weeks total, so if you made 1 week, you would owe $19.

See the doubles points, for weeks missed

Every team gets paid out and there are several CTP's out on the course as well donated by the club.

So how do you play in this magical event you ask? Simple:
* You had to have played at least 1 week of Tuesday Doubles League
* You must be a current 2019 club member
* You must be prepaid by October 10th.

You can prepay what you owe for weeks missed here:
OR you can mail me a check, or pay me in person (perhaps at the Ace Race on September 29th!). It doesn't matter how, it just has to be done by October 10th.

This thread will be a running pre-registration list! If you aren't on this list, you aren't in.

Any questions let me know. Hope to see everyone there!!!!!


1. Anthony Larocca
2. Brad Pfrommer
3. Brandon Demarco
4. Carson Reber
5. Dale Wurtz
6. Ed Ziegenfuss
7. John Alloco
8. Kyle Walker
9. Mike Falconio
10. Partick Alcott
11. Rob Demarco
12. Ryan Hand
13. Sam Gionvino
14. Sheldon Demarco
15. Josh Lombino
16. Steve Shickler
17. Tim Campbell
18. Mike Herzog
19. Sherry Herzog
20. Don Lacomba
21. Robert Quaglia
22. Chris Fiutko
23. Bryce Becker
24. Mark Rosato
25. Justin Ilowite
26. Jake Hart-Predmore
27. Tim Bayer
28. Adam Brennan
29. Rick Watkins
30. Mike Neufeglise
31. Gary Piazza
32. Aaron Evarts
33. Steve Laluk
34. Kyle Edwards
35. Igor Feldman
36. Leo Feldman
37. Chuck Kendall


1. Adam Achter
2. Brandon Sartin
3. Bruce Kaminski
4. Dave Copp
5. Dave Daggett
6. Drew Hoteling
7. Mike Jervis
8. Rob Maxwell
9. William Hesse
10. Joe Tascione
11. Anthony Costello
12. Nate Henshaw
13. Andy Austin
14. Mike Klock
15. Pete Evinsky
16. Chris Demartin
17. Dan Dancoe
18. Robert Hazen
19. Paul Fromm
20. Chris Roman
21. Terry Hassler
22. Mike Obrien
23. Matt Jameson
24. Ling Long
25. Aaron Boci
26. Kendall Brown-Rooney
27. Jason Davis
28. Felix Vicente
29. Sam Miller
30. Joe Erbland
31. Ray Sanger
32. Craig Lockwood
33. Jerami Frechette
34. Matthew Coultas

GRDGC Payment


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