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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
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By rhand
Well it is finally that time of year again. This post hopefully will cover all you need to know about this league.

This is a random draw, best shot, doubles league with 2 separate divisions (Pro and Am). This is a fun league with a little bit of competition mixed in. This is a great introductory league for new players and a great way to meet your fellow disc golfers. Last year we averaged over 60 players a week with over 70 players participating in the league finals!

There will be no strokes for any players. This is completely random draw.

The league will start on April 30th at Chili and conclude on Sept 10th at MCC. We will play a 6 course rotation 3 times with a couple bonus weeks added in at Riverton and the Apple Farm.
Chili - Parma - Basil - Pfrommer Woods - Ellison - MCC.

Cost is $10 with an optional $1 mulligan and an optional $1 CTP.
$5 - payout
$1 - ace pool (separate for each course)
$1 - GRDGC (100% goes to course work/improvements)
$1 - cash CTP (separate ones for each division)
$1 - RFDO
$1 - league finals
The optional CTP will be a choice of GRDGC disc.
The optional mulligan can only be used once during the round and if used it cancels our your first shot.

You must be a current GRDGC member to be eligible for the ace pool and cash CTP's. However, any non-member may still win with the understanding that their prize $ will be less $30 for the cost of a membership package (you will receive a hat and a tag)

I will be doing a weekly points with overall points winners in each division. I will count your best 14 weeks. There will be cash prizes for the top players.

To participate in the league finals you must have played in at least 1 league night, you must be a current GRDGC member, and you must pre-register for the event. The finals will once again be a temporary course set up in Webster Town Park just for the day. More details on this as we get further into the season.

Again I encourage all of you to come and see what this league is all about. Year after year we continue to grow and improve the courses we love through this league.

I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks. We will tee off at 5:45 the first week at Chili. See you there!

By Dfasinn
Hello how do you sign up for doubles league? How much who do you pay? By random draw does that mean partners or do you need one to join?

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By walker
Hey Dave, no need to sign up ahead of time. Just come on the weeks you can make it, before tee off time (check the forums/facebook, it changes with the available daylight). It's $10 to play. It's not bring your own partner, "Random Draw" means everyone picks a poker chip with a number on it. The player who draws the same number as you is your partner for the night.
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Please note the schedule change for league tonight. We will be playing Ellison again, since MCC is far to wet and un-mowed to be enjoyable!
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Tuesday Doubles will be Basil this week (6/18) to allow Parma to hopefully dry out and get cleaned up more. The plan will be to head to Parma the following week (6/25). Thank you for understanding and hope to see you tomorrow.

6/18 Tuesday Doubles at Basil
Chip Draw 5:45
Guest Host John Frank!!!!!!
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A busy weekend for the GRDGC. Thank you Tim Campbell for fixing the Chili basket and Dave Copp for getting rid of the graffiti at MCC.

Unfortunately our high grass mower had some technical difficulties and is currently being repaired. Because of this we haven’t been able to clear all of MCC. We are also fully aware of the issues with 6’s tee pad and we are working with MCC to correct this.

Because of this we will be flopping weeks and will play Chili tomorrow. Chip draw at 5:45.


GRDGC Payment


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