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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By Hans
Chip draw is at 9:30 AM sharp. This year the league will be hosted by myself and John “foot long“ Frank. The format remains the same, random draw handicapped doubles. If you have questions about your handicap just ask!

The league will run for 16 weeks alternating between Basil and MCC on a weekly basis. To qualify for league finals you must attend half of the weeks (8) and pay the balance of missed weeks.

Minimum cost to play is $10 with a $1 optional CTP and a $1 optional mulligan. Cost breakdown down is: $5 payout $2 league final $1 ace pool $1 cash CTP $1 tournament fund.

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of skill level. We will have hand warmers for sale. Put on your boots and hats, break out the soft plastic and come out and enjoy the camaraderie of winter golf!r golf!
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By TBayer
I HATE Facebook. It is evil. (To hear a rant, ask me about Fkn Bk next time you see me. Or not.)

As a service to me, and anyone else who hates dealing with Fkn Bk to find the location of Winter League, here are the Winter League locations on the non-internet monitoring, non-location tracking, non-face tagging, non-privacy invading, non-contact stealing, wonderfully easy to access, personal space respecting, GRDGC website forum out to the end of January:

December 1 at MCC
December 8 at Basil
December 15 at MCC
December 22 at Basil
December 29 at MCC

January 5 at Basil
January 12 at MCC
January 19 at Basil
January 26 at MCC

(The opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily the position of the GRDGC, the members, the sponsors or any right thinking person - Even though I'm right.)
By palcott
Thanks Tim, I prefer the forums as well for information sharing. I am currently 8 years sober from fb and have no urge to go back.
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By TBayer
Once again as a service to me, and anyone else who hates dealing with FB to find the location of Winter League, here are the Winter League locations out to March 9:

February 2 at Basil
February 9 at MCC
February 16 at Basil
February 23 at MCC

Finals - Date?
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By zog9605
Its almost as if every other week its at the other course....hmmmm?
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By TBayer
You young guys are funny. Wait until you get to be my age - when you forget what happened 20 minutes ago, and the last week league location is a long lost memory.
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MCC tomorrow (Feb 23), then a bonus week at Basil on March 2nd.
By Hans
Please refer to evil Facebook for finals qualifying information. Those who refuse to submit to the Beast may text me directly with any questions. 315-398-8655 Hans
By Hans
To be perfectly clear finals are at 9:30 am on Saturday 3/9/19 Basil

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