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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
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What a great season 2017 has been. I want to thank everyone that made it out this year - all 176 of you! We had an amazing 92 of you join us at Ellison in May!

All points are updated and current. Great competition in both divisions. Bobby showed his solid play on the pro side, but only 25 points separated 3rd from 8th. Talon and Steve brought it down to the end on the am side with Talon just edging him out by 2 points.

If you were in the top 8 on the pro side you made the cut to get paid. If you were in the top 11 on the am side you made the cut to get paid. This will be distributed at finals. If you can't make it, get a hold of me or designate someone you know will be at finals who will take it for you (you need to let me know who this will be).

Again, thank you to everyone that made it out. It is truly a sight to see when the masses head out to every hole on a Tuesday night to play some disc golf!

Now down to the real business - The Finals.

This is taking place at Webster Park (north of 104 off Holt Rd) on Saturday September 30th. Map of the shelter we use as HQ:

Tentative schedule below.

7:30am - Course setup
8:15am - 8:45am - Player Registration/Chip Draw
8:45am - Players Meeting
9am - Noon - Round 1
Noon-1p - Lunch
1p-4p - Round 2
4p - Pick up/Awards

This is a temporary course that I have designed. It is all set up the morning of and taken down immediately after we are done playing. I usually tweak it a little each year, just to keep it interesting. We will be playing 2 rounds of best shot doubles (with the same partner) with a free lunch provided between rounds. The cost is $1 for each week you missed. We played 19 weeks total, so if you made 1 week, you would owe $18.
Check here for number of weeks missed: ... s850ilV9o/
Every team gets paid out and there are several CTP's out on the course as well donated by the club.

So how do you play in this magical event you ask. Simple
You had to have played at least 1 week of Tuesday Doubles League
You must be a current 2017 club member
You must be prepaid by Sept 28th.

You can prepay what you owe for weeks missed using the "GRDGC Payment" button on the right, you can mail me a check, you can pay me in person. It doesn't matter how, it just has to be done by 9/28.

This thread will be a running pre-registration list and basket sign up list (I need baskets to make this happen - looking for all decent metal baskets to start. For the basket sign up I will put your name, the number of baskets you are bringing, and new this year - what hole you are putting your basket on.

Any questions let me know. Hope to see everyone there!!!!!
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By rhand
1. Adam Brennan
2. Chris Miller
3. Doug Blighton
4. Ed Ziegenfuss
5. Jamie Rockefeller
6. John Alloco
7. John Frank
8. Matt Quartaert
9. Carson Reber
10. Ryan Hand
11. Steve Early
12. Eddy Creamer
13. Matt Fiske
14. Nick Day
15. Matt Forsythe
16. Chris Fuitko
17. Tim Bayer
18. Bobby Jones
19. Justin Whitney
20. Chelsea Carl
21. Chris Bull
22. Bryce Becker
23. Matt Jamison
24. Dale Wurtz
25. Ed Bower
26. Hans Merritt
27. Cyrus Merritt
28. Don LaComba
29. Dustin Chase
30. Jason Krohn
31. Brian Best
32. Tim Beam
33. Brandon DeMarco
34. Sheldon DeMarco
35. Ken Kreie
36. Steve Laluk
37. Rob DeMarco
38. Tim Gostovic
39. Mark Rosato
40. Mike Falconio
41. Chris Frank
42. Mike Herzog
43. Tony Inzana

1. Adam Achter
2. Chris Demartin
3. Dave Dagget
4. Leonard Jamieson
5. Mike Klock
6. Steve Schickler
7. Talon Flint
8. Terry Hassler
9. William Hesse
10. Tim Platt
11. David Copp
12. Brett Goheen
13. Robert Quaglia
14. Joe Tascione
15. Jeff Aurand
16. Drew Hoteling
17. Brad Pfrommer
18. Scott Messmer
19. Cory Leeson
20. Kendall Rooney-Brown
21. Dan Dancoe
22. Anthony LaRocca
23. Joe Erbland
24. Craig Lockwood
25. Paul Fromm
26. Terry Hassler
27. Chris Roman
28. Sherry Herzog
29. Mike Hanford
30. Kyle Edwards

Basket Sign Up 19 of 19
Ryan Hand - 3, Holes 1, 2, 3
Doug Blighton - 1, Hole 4
Chelsea Carl/Justin Whitney - 3, Holes 5, 6, 7
Scott Messmer - 3, Holes 8, 9, 10
Jamie Rockefeller - 1, Hole 11
Chris Fuitko - 1, Hole 12
Hans/Cyrus Merritt - 2, Holes 13, 14
John Alloco - 1, Hole 15
Dave Copp - 1, Hole 16
Tim Platt - 1, Hole 17
Dale Wurtz - 1, Hole 18
Brett Goheen - 1, Hole 19
Well its almost of my favorite days of disc golf!

The course is finalized. For those returning you will notice some changes that I think only make the course better. It will be 19 holes all together.

For all of those brining baskets, please try to get there before 8am so I can get the course set. There is a lot of running around so any help is appreciated, even if you don't have a basket.

Remember you have to be preregistered by this Thursday! If you haven't gotten signed up what are you waiting for? The players list is up to date.

See everyone Saturday!!!!
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To reiterate what Ryan posted earlier:

This is taking place at Webster Park (north of 104 off Holt Rd) on Saturday September 30th. Map of the Valley View Shelter we use as HQ:

Tentative schedule...
7:30am - Course setup
8:15am - 8:45am - Player Registration/Chip Draw
8:45am - Players Meeting
9am - Noon - Round 1
Noon-1p - Lunch
1p-4p - Round 2
4p - Pick up/Awards

For those bringing baskets, here is what the course layout is for tomorrow. See the list above for what hole your basket should go to. In the morning please come to tournament central and you will be directed to the exact location. Any questions call Ryan at (585) 354-5307.

webster_park_2017_lowres.jpg (143.49 KiB) Viewed 1313 times

GRDGC Payment

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