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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By lankylefty
new 9 hole campground course( 9 holer about 2600') near seneca falls has been christened with my ever faithful lumpy jk aviar...a wide open 208 footer but it was still a huge rush :wink: that gives me 3? for the year..booby how many do you have?...i know some boys in buffalo have it up
By Kingputt
Cool Wayne!, Thanks Dan!
Any hole to get an ace is NICE! I just nailed hole 12 at Ellison with a Heiser putter and Bam!! right into the middle of the chains this August 4th. It was 3 years without one and now 2 in a week! Seems like you or I could get an ace at Chili this week. Good luck.
By laminatedcat
1st ACE... #6 Ellison

Been waiting a long time...

By Brownguy
8 lanky
By lankylefty
my chocolate hero!!! miss ya back has been givin me hell...oxbow this weekend?
By july4
#2 parma 1st shot of doubles monday pm
blue eagle star we all signed it....
sean phillips from oregon, 1st place , ctp cleaned up
he'll be here a few more days....
By Chuck S
I aced Number 12 at Basil today. Champion Orc straight shot, dipped in hyzer right at the end. VERY great feeling! :P

Seems to be a regular thing Basil on Saturday AM even before the official Winter league start. More people should come on out!
By Jim Hastings
nice job chuck, congratulations see you on saturday soon
By laminatedcat
Crazy, 6 weeks, 3 aces, same disc same hole, #6 at Ellison, yesterday.

By Chuck S
We're going to have to re-name Ellison #6 the "laminatedcat" hole! :P

... though that sounds strange, somehow...
By vincem
Got my first ace yesterday on #6 ellison. 175g esp buzzz all chains no basket.
By vincem
Got my 2nd ace today, #2 at mcc with 171g esp impact. Disc flies insanely straight.
By DeafDiscGolfer
That's impressive. I only mange to hit #2 chains twice and heard mostly about #4 being Aced by several players and #11 as well by Dan H. but not #2. That's the first for me to know.

Congrats! :D
By mjoe25
woo hoo Last night at league I hit hole 4 at chili from the reds (290ft) with an orc. it was a bullet up the middle, no skip needed.
By Dave Thomas
That is the FIRST ace I have ever heard of on Hole #4 at Chili in my 13 years of being involved there!!!! Quite a feat,to be sure! And to take that route is simply magnificent.
By mjoe25
thank you dave :D
By mjoe25
got a nuther today at basil #9
sparkle z force
By DeafDiscGolfer
mjoe25 wrote:woo hoo Last night at league I hit hole 4 at chili from the reds (290ft) with an orc. it was a bullet up the middle, no skip needed.

Did you win the Ace money for it?? I believe it was about $200, is it?

By mjoe25
2/3 of 258$
By lankylefty
nice unexpected payday :wink:
By Brownguy
Hey Lanky got 2 more since i was last here. #9 on hole 12 Basil,orange Z-magnet(left that and a red one at Beaver tourny never to be seen again. 2 buffalo boys signed that one) and #10 on hole 10 at basil yellow-orange Z-Wasp with Jumbo on it. Need 2 more for the perfect 12.
By lankylefty
yowzers :shock: you coming to corning?
By Brownguy
Yes Sir. it falls on my week-end off.
By lankylefty
GOT TO SEE 2 ACES TODAY AT MCC IN THE FIRST 3 HOLES!! sorry for yelling, congrats honch and rob...rob hit hole one and honch hit hole 3
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By walker
wow, three is a tricky one to get. Someone aced hole 10 at J-park, that's even more tricky, damn near impossible. Lanky, you'd know.
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By TCampbell
That round cost me $10, and only after 3 holes!!!!
By lankylefty
10 at jpark is the sickest ace i have ever heard of :wink:
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