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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By july4
last sunday doug mciver aced #13 chili
his 1st on that course
great shot doug
By Tony Inzana
Nice job----thats a great hole to ace
By Dave Thomas
an "FYI"... in the 1999 Pro Worlds the BEST Disc Golfers in the world were here.....King,Korver,Reading,Climo,Schultz,Russell,etc.,etc. and there was only ONE ACE at Chili......Hole # a gal from California who owns a women's DG apparel online business........she gave me the 8 is not as easy as it looks!
By Chris F
My first 10/07/07 with Adam brennan hole 12 @ Basil with a crysal Buzz clean shot no skip
By Bryon
Played Oxbow on Monday and Jamie Habitzreuther aced hole 15 in the pooring rain. Hopefully it will be a little dryer this weekend when we play.
By mike T
Nice! ive hit that basket almost everywhere it seems... chains, pole, face, top....well everywhere but the sweet spot where it sticks! :lol:

what did he throw and how did he throw it????
By Bryon
He threw an Aviar. Backhand. (He is alefty)
By Gr8ful John
Congrats on the Ace today Dan. I don't know what hole I was on but I heard it. : ) Is it your first one ?

Gr8ful John
By Skipper Tim
At basil on Tuesday Jan.22nd I aced Holes 7 and 10 in the same round. My buddy Steve and a guy named Traye who just moved here from Texas, both saw me skip ace 7 with a champ monster. Then Traye had to go after 9, but if he would have stuck around fro one more hole he would have seen me skip ace 10 with my star wraith. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I made a cool $15 playin the game I love. 5-1 is a fun game, keep some money in your bags just in case your buddy nails a sweet shot. Later!!!!! :D
By lankylefty
wow 2 in the same round...wonder what the odds are on that one...congrats!!!! and what did you shoot? :wink:
By Dave Thomas
good 4 U!
User avatar
By TCampbell
Dan, Nice job getting the ace that counted and taking that away from Bobby as well.
By Dave Thomas
Tim! That is some GR8 shooting!!!!!!!!!!! I guess "all those years ago" @ Barnard are paying off...........BIGTIME! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Skipper Tim
Ace on hole#1 at basil on 4/10 with Star Teerex. It was sweet!!!
By TEllis
I had my first Ace on Sunday, 4/20, at Town of Sweden hole #16.
By lankylefty
sweeeeeeeet...the first one hooks you if you havent been bitten :wink: good day to bang one home also!! :twisted:
By up_a_tree
I casually picked up this game about 8 yrs ago and just got my 1st ace on hole #6 at Ellison. What made it even better was that it was on 6/1/08, Freaky! Damn, it does feel good! :D
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By TCampbell
8 years!!! I don't feel so bad now, I've been waiting for about 6 years. Nice job!!
By Tony Inzana
AWESOME KEITH !!!!! what a gr8 hole to ace
By D_Hastings
Steve Apton, Bobby Jones, John Alloco, and myself all stayed after tues night singles to play 9 more. it was a tight round with us all within 1 stroke going into the final hole, when STEVE APTON stepped up and put his star wraith solid into the chains of Ellison Basket #3 for an ace to beat me by 1. Sweet shot steve congrats
By Cannonarm
Way to go, Steve!

Today, I aced at #15 at MCC doubles league. It was little high and dead straight to the chain. That's my second ace since 2004. Been since 4 years with many close calls. Now, monkey can get off my back.

Also ur thankfully god, today is Wednesday, not Thursday. Looking forward for back to back ace at #15 tomorrow.
By Dave Thomas
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