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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By july4
we should have a list of hole-in-1's
a2 #5 cerritos liberty park 155' champ ryno
feb 12 len, cris, olivia
my last 2 aces virginia, california
it was 90 on sat in so cal
By PEneoark
sweetness :)
By JGarcia9102
any old aces at all (ie: any ace during a round with multiple people)? or only during club events? it might be kinda hard to keep track of things outside of our own events....

im confused as usual, but either way:
1st ace - Basil #4, 174 DX gazelle (Rec round with a bunch of friends)
2nd ace - Parma #16, 175 D Buzzz (Empire state championships)
By Tony Inzana
I just had Ace #8 on Valentines Day in Florida at Limona Park - Hole #4 --280 ft on a slight downhill bank with water below---Element X solid into the chains of a new Gateway Titan Basket-----the chains just sucked the disc inside the basket------CHA-CHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Dave Thomas
#1) Basil #14....150 gr.Flathead Cyclone * * 4th of July Tourney 2001
#2) Parma "Old" #4...161 Gr.Beast * * C.U.R.E. Tourney 2005
#3) Churchville Alt.#18....161 Gr. Beast * * Rec. Round
#4) Brockport #16...150 Star Sidewinder * * Rec. Round
By da_bean
I know Limona Park, I played many practice rounds there before I moved up here. The 4th hole is a great hole, wait til you see it in the summer. Sometimes the guys go into the water to fish out the discs during the winter, but in the summer, the lake is full of giant rats, called nutria.

It's hard to birdie a hole in Limona, lots of trees everywhere. I did manage a few. It's challenging
By july4
monday 6pm doulbes
#12 basil 180 gram roch club roc
also liam #13 same night
By Tony Inzana
Hey da bean---who are you? Do you know my buddy John E McCray who designed Limona?
By nickszcz
I capped my first ace tonight after the Tuesday singles. I hit hole 5 at Ellison with a Z-Wasp.
By Tony Inzana
Awesome Nick -was it a skip ace? My only ace on #5 was a skip ace
By nickszcz
No, it was a line drive straight to the basket. I was pretty surprised it stayed in, but it hit the chains dead center.
By lankylefty
hit nine at parma july 4th, 2006...then realized i didnt get in the ace pool..DOH...but made out in buffalo with an ace on 15 at the ridge worth about $140 in september 06
By da_bean
Tony, my name is, didnt know he designed the course. there was an article in the st pete times or tampa tribune about the course before, as i remember it. i never met the guy. i just went there to practice, i used to live in riverview which was about 10 minutes from limona.
By Tony Inzana
congrats on your 1st ace---a great hole to get #1 on
By mbrennan5
I was in the group over on #12 - CONGRATS!
By Melynda
i watched someone in the group a hole ahead of me ace 6 at ellison, then i stepped up and aced it right after him! our first aces. :D
By lankylefty
awesome!! congrats!! :D
By Jim
Just bought a disc from him off ebay recently. Very nice guy!!! Got me a nice black gazelle with the Climo 4-time world champ stamp! ---jim
By Tony Inzana
Great Disc that you got there Jim - John E is a great guy and a great friend - - I have actually just been placed on the Gateway South Team led by John E. Hope he gave ya a good deal.
By guitarguy9
My friend almost hit an ace on Ellison's #10 yesterday. We were the only ones out there (it was during that huge storm), and he sent a crazy drive through the wind that kept changing direction every which way. It caught the chains and just fell out, it was frickin crazy, especially considering the conditions.

I know its not as cool as an actual ace, but considering we're all noobs it was still pretty sweet.
By john whitney
Monday, I saw willie berends ace # 6 @ ellison, we may need to replace the basket if it keeps getting nailed so much. Congrets on all the aces. Oh yeah, I aced #10 @ ellison this morning, 175g firm wizard.

By nickszcz
Strange round at Ellison. I hit a black ace on hole #4 off of #7's tee playing with Bobby Jones, Steve Apton, and Johnny Flash. My right foot slipped out from under me, and the disc caught a gust of wind and slammed into the basket. Bobby called it out of my hand. On hole #12, the last hole of the round, I threw a slow anhyzer putter and hit the top of the basket, chains, and the rim before it bounced out. It would have been really nice to hit a black ace and a legitimate ace in the same round.
By NTorpey05
#4 basil marella (twice) - champion cobra and z wasp - rec round
#12 basil - kc pro roc - rec round
:twisted: Scott abbot got his first ace on hole 14 at ellison.....on his last shot of the day cause his back is hurt......and I think I have 27 now....when I hit 30 drinks are on me..!!!!!!!
By Cannonarm
Damn, my first ever and only one! It happened at Ventura, California during 1st annual Lake Casitas Classic tourney in 2004. It was pure lucky shot. After 1st round, I went back to #16; 261 ft; to practice my shot where I had twice O.B. that hole in first round. At teepad, you couldn't see the basket because cattails were so high in front of teepad that you gotta throw it little high hyzer or anhyzer, impossible to do straight shot unless your height at 6'5". So I threw my 175g tye-dye Champion Orc with my girlfriend watching me. As we approached the basket, we didn't think to look at basket first. We looked everywhere on ground. The porta-potties was about 50 ft away from basket. One guy came out of porta-potty with unzipped and unbelt short as he seems like tried to get out of stink booth real quickly to take a look or just in rush. After unfortunately find my disc, I looked at guy, and his looks like he just saw a ghost. He pointed at basket, as I turned around, and shock in awe. I told guy, he must have picked and throw it in basket to make it look like I aced. He said no kidding, I said oh @&#^, my first ever ace. I laughed at guy so hard after telling me as he was about to do his #2, and heard WHAM! He hold it and came out to take a look. That was so damn funny.

Been almost 3 years drought and still going dry. I need other ace real badly after had many close calls last year.
:evil: the way you throw....the next will be soon.... :!:
By mbrennan5
AJB wrote:And just this past Friday, after I spent the morning upgrading this forum:
-- #1 @ Basil

While sportin Jerusalem cruisers none the less
By Tony Inzana
Awesome job Adam----the disc gods payed you back for all your hard work on the forum.
By Tony Inzana
Well that is something we should consider to try to get people out to help-----I will certainly send out good karma to whoever helps out on our work days.
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