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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By jimmiesner
Ok, that subject title may have been poorly worded. But i was just wondering what are your favorite disc golf holes in rochester? I like hole 12 at ellison only because i got a birdie there once. Also enjoy hole nine across the ravine in parma. Anyone else care to share?

By Dave Thomas
Basil....# 15
Chili.....# 8
Churchville.....# 11
MCC.....# 4
Brockport....# 16 (with rock wall )
Ellison.....# 7
* * * That's ALL Folks! :lol:
By Cannonarm
Chili #11, drain all energy into full power throw!

Ellison #7, ace-able, someday!

Basil #0, nothing to like, stopped playing there since winter. Trees love to
eat my discs.

Churchville, #? the one with woods on top and side for mandatory to get
thru to basket.

Brockport, need to go play more.

MCC, only play 1 thru 9 and several holes in back. Cant say which one is
favorite. So far just for now, #4 across water.

Parma, #4, other long drive open turning other 100 ft into wood. It's
challenge to get par.

Guess I am in love with any long distance holes.
By nickszcz
Ellison - Seven (I almost aced it the other day), four, and seventeen.

Basil - Two (I've almost aced it twice), and fourteen.

Parma - Seven

Chili - Six, nine, and eighteen.

MCC - Seven
By jamie
Cannonarm wrote:MCC, only play 1 thru 9 and several holes in back. Cant say which one is
favorite. So far just for now, #4 across water.

i aced #4 the other was a good one, but then again arent all aces good...!
By PEneoark
yeah Jamie, one of my work buddies was playing MCC the other day and saw you drain that one. congrats :)
By willy t
Hole 5 Das ridge, the basket is right on the edge... GOD it is evil...
Okay that is not my favorite hole but the basket placement is AWSOME!!!!!
hole 4 beaver island
hole 13[?] elison big lefty shot w/trees
most of the flatts in St.thomas
By Cannonarm
WAY TO GO, JAMIE! What kind of disc did you throw?

About 1 or 2 weeks ago before double league, at practice I almost got ace at #1 with my XD once with my girlfriend. It went dead straight and kissed at bottom of basket. Only about 1 foot more higher, WHAM! Someday!
:twisted: nice jamie....way to pop the courses cherry....

Favorite holes....

9 at parma

15 parma 15 ellison

13 and 17 basil

all chili

17 at lindsey park blue tyler tx

all of san saba tx(no joke)

ill be here all day...lets just say every hole I ever played...exept hole 3 mcc
you mean hole 3... :evil:
:twisted: if I was lefty I would throw a beat roc..
By willy t
Is it 3, it is the mando were you have to stay right, but the basket is very hard left... I thought it was a higher number than that...
either way IT Stinks......
By Dave Thomas
A beeeeeeeeeeee.....uuuuuuuuu........ttttttttttt.........ful hole....and I am a lefty too! All holes aren't meant to be 3s..........or 2s.... :lol:
By Jim
Chili 1, 4, 9, and 17
Hyzer Creek 12 and 16
Beaver Island 9
Oxbow Falls 16 and 18
Emerson Park 10 and 17
By willy t
Dave.. we need to talk...I know they aren't all suppose to be easy BBBUUUTTT... that one is just EVIL....
By Sparky
lol @ Jim choosing #9 at Beaver. AWESOME!

Basil- #8
Chili- #18
Ellison- #7 (come on how is this not everyones fave?)
Beaver Island- #12
Chestnut Ridge- #15
JD- #15
Wilson- #4
By lankylefty
7 and 13 at ellison..parma #9....havent played much else that way...hole 9 at beaver is gotta be a top 5..ha freakin ha..15 at da ridge is nice(aced first time playing it)...and i like all of chili
By Jim
This is the hole with water on the left and the basket behind the small clump? That's an awesome hole! I love it.
By july4
ellison #6 aced it a fewyrs ago
ellison #14 gonna ace this 1 soon
parma #2 such a fine line to get thru....
parma # 9 gonna get this 1
basil #12 got it this year and also 3 yrs ago
basil# 4 so many options...
chili # 12 my first ace 1996 $ 144
chili #6 throwing out of tunnel, then the trees, mound, and rocks
brockport still growing on me not sure yet
churchville #11?
mcc i'll tell u next yr....
By Tom Mulligan
I think that Basil #3 is a great hole. We need a few holes on every course that challenge certain skills. Basil #3 challenges the player to throw through a narrow opening between the trees. Also, the mando makes it a "compound" hole. There is no direct path to the basket. The player is challenged off the tee to throw the disc to a landing spot past the mando tree. If the tee throw is good, then 3 or 2 is possible.

Too many holes are direct holes, where the player throws the disc more or less directly towards the basket, trying to get as close to the pin as possible; this rewards mostly distance.
By Don Courbat
Chili #12 - Aced it once during a low key event (can't remember what) and wasn't in the Ace Pool.
By mike T
18 at chili with the OB. tough hole!
a lil bit out of the thread. but outside of rochester my favorite hole in NYS would be hole #18 at Warwick (blue to blue) its a pretty demanding hole. you need 3 different shots to even look at the basket.
By forehand ftw
I've only played Ellison, and my favorite is defeantly 13. I am a forehander going to backhand, but I will still drive that hole forehand every time with my Xtra, I love it :) .

Also now that I can throw backhand good I like 7, no more hyzering onto the 9th fairway!
By TEllis
Ellison: #7 down the hill, #16

Chili: #1, #15

Basil: #11, #12, #14, #15

Parma: I think it's #9, accross the stream and over the wall, and #10 accross the valley.

MCC: #4 accross the pond, and I think #14 with the basket high up on the hill above the pond.

Churchville: #15, #16

Town of Sweden: #6, #7, #12, #16

Sawyer: #3, and I think it's #7, teeing off with the stream on the left up a slight hill, basket on top of the hill.

Outside of Rochester, NY:

TC3: #9, #16

Oak Park, Wichita, KS: Hole #9 tee off over about 250' of water, no fairway, just the tee and the green.

Tinicum Park, Erwinna, PA: Hole #18

Brandywine Creek State Park, Wilmington, DE: I only played this course one time, and it was pouring rain, but there is a hole that you tee off down a big hill, over a stream and a tall tree line into another field with the basket. Very tough, but fun.
By lankylefty
i hit the basket on that brandywine hole, it used to be number 4(beauty) and 5 was the beast...i have played 80 or so courses and that is in my top 5 :wink:
By TEllis
Brandywine is a very beautiful course. I hope to play it again sometime in good weather.
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