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Anything non disc golf related
By FishyMack
Would anyone like free 55 gallon blue plastic barrels? They held hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, which breaks down into water and oxygen. They have been rinsed out. They can be used for rain barrels, leave barrels, garbage or recycling barrels, raft floats, etc, etc. If interested, PM me and I will get them to you.
By Brownguy
How bout we use them at Basil for trash every 4-5 holes? might be a greast way to keep the course clean. Maybe if people see them they wont toss battles and cans all over the course. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
By FishyMack
Good idea, Bobby, but who will empty them out? And do we need permission from the Park People? As it is, I pick up litter all the time at every course I go to, but I still can't keep up with it! I wish everyone would pick up after themselves AND others.
By Brownguy
Then again the punks would just break them
By Tony Inzana
Alan I am interested in the 55 gallon barrels, at least 2 of them ---- my problem is transporting them to my home.
By PL08
Thoughts on putting them at chili in between the posts on hole 14? Or putting them in a pyramid on hole 13?
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By reksav
PL08 wrote:Thoughts on putting them at chili in between the posts on hole 14? Or putting them in a pyramid on hole 13?

meh. Keep the course "natural"
By FishyMack
I still have barrels available if anyone is interested. I also have some wooden pallets. If you are interested in either, a Private Message is best. I can bring things to Basil tomorrow or work something else out.
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