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Anything non disc golf related
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By Foot Long
First off, Cheers!

Thank you for all of the positive responses to the Apple Moon. Its a great thing to share the labor of your love with the ones you surround yourself with.

Secondly, Samples of the next medley to come may be heading your way. Honesty is the best form of research and development, so don't be shy. Heres a hint... Cranberry Harvest.

Finally, If you have a certain selection of future flavors you would like to have colliding with your tongue. Please post your little hearts out.

Sharin the Love,

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By Foot Long
Really? Pumpkin?

In more recent news: Grape season is upon us and you'll never guess what deliciousness has been brewin in the lab. Samples of the new blend will make an appearance at Tuesday Dubs. Once again tasters are needed for a lil R&D with the new product.

The overall Cran Terrene taste tests went pretty darn well. It looks like its here to stay. Thanks again to all those that participated!

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By Foot Long
Prepare to be Mooned!

For all of those who were wondering... I will be attending and providing the usual trifecta of flavors to tantalize your tastebuds at these future events:

Oct 27 - Ace Race, Parma DGC

Nov 3rd - Gonzo Dub Finals, Basil DGC

Nov 10th - GRDGC Finals, MCC DGC

I will also make frequent appearances during winter league on saturdays during the season.

Feel free to PM me anytime with questions or requests.

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By Foot Long
Alas another creation is complete!!! MUAHAHAHA...haha...*cough*...ahem.

After much experimenting I am proud to introduce the latest flavorful fusion called "Georgia White". A mellow blend of white grape and peach intertwined and balanced to perfection.

This Saturday at the GRDGC Finals I will be conducting a FREE sampling for all of those interested. Any and all feedback is welcome.

And as always Apple, Cranberry and Grape will be readily available 4 Your Enjoyment.

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By Foot Long
FYI: Saturday November 24th I will be at Basil all day for league and Westy's doubles.

Flavors for the day include: Apple and White Grape / Peach.

Hope to see ya's there!
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By Foot Long
Foot Long wrote:FYI: Saturday November 24th I will be at Basil all day for league and Westy's doubles.

Flavors for the day include: Apple and White Grape / Peach.

Hope to see ya's there!


If your wonderin where Foot Long will be tomorrow, read on...

I will be attending a 9am Round at Parma, the rounds following could remain in Parma or migrate to another course.

This remains unchanged ------> Flavors for the day include: Apple and White Grape / Peach.

Happy Hurlin
By Brownguy
Foot Long wrote:YI: Saturday November 24th I will be at Basil all day for league and Westy's doubles.

Lier Lier pants on fire!!!!!!
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By Foot Long
For those of you Inerested in some of the usual sweet beverages this Saturday at The neighborhood / gonzo tourney, 5/18/13.

Contact Tim Beam, he will provide these three flavors: Apple, Cranberry and Grape.

Good Luck to all those participating in the event!
By sjc1434
Hey John,

I'm looking to get some sweet beverages today at some point...i PM'd you and texted you as well. Im off work at noon and can meet you anywhere.

If anyone has any that they are willing to part with...I'm looking for apple cranberry and grape and can pick up this afternoon.

just PM me.

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By Foot Long
Alot of people have been asking when will u brew more Cranberry or Blueberry deliciousness?

Well Look no Further!!!

Im finishing up these tasty beverages as I type this and they will be available at Tuesdays League (Tomorrow or today depending when u read this). Apple will also bee available (tis the season).

Hope to see everyone there!!!
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By Foot Long
Four fantastic flavors will be making their way to the RFDO this weekend.

Cranberry, Blueberry, Peach, and Apple Pie will be available on a first come first serve basis!

Tell your friends and get ready for a great weekend of discgolf!!!
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By Foot Long
If your looking for those last minute holiday gift ideas then see me on saturday morning at winter league.

Available Flavors: Blueberry, Grape, and Apple Pie.

Im also available to meet at later dates and times if needed so either PM or call!

Ho Ho HO!
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By Foot Long
More Apple Pie and a handful of Peach is making its way to Day 2 of the RFDO for those who were interested and unable to get their hands on some today.

Thanks again to all who support and help keep the good times flowin.

See you all tomorrow and Good Luck!!!
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By Foot Long
Its been a loooooong while but I am pleased to announce that we are back in business.

This saturday at doubles league I will have a bakers dozen or so of Concord Grape and Apple Pie pleasure to tease your taste buds with. Possibly White Grape/Peach if time permits :wink:

As long as my time and resources are available I will continue to keep a fresh stock available.

As always first come first served! See you at League!
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By Foot Long
I'm hopefully finishing 2 batches by tonight and will have them tomorrow at the 2 disc challenge @ Ellison for those who may need a refill.

Flavors: Apple Pie and Cranberry.
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By Foot Long
Bottling the Last of the RFDO Supply tonight.

Current stock includes: 1 case of Apple Pie, 1 case of Grape and 2 Bots of Cran left.

See you all this weekend and good luck chuckin!
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