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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
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By rhand
A great thank you to who ever got out to MCC Sat am and cut down the marked trees. What a big help.

The course is gradually coming along. I think that everything could be completed this week if we get help from everyone in the club/interested people.

I know some of you may not like this suggestion, but I propose that since both Tues and Thurs are slated to be at MCC, instead of playing we make these dates work days.

The following is what needs to be completed:

1. #2 green - rake debris and finish pruning small saplings.

2. #3 green - same as above

3. #3 fairway - need to clear upper portion (ceiling) and trim some small trees on the left hand side.

4. #5 tee - need to level out, use stone to create retaining wall.

5. #7 green - clear small brush around green.

6. #8 fairway - need to continue clearing brush on both sides.

7. #8 green - clear brush on right hand side

That is the front 9. I have to run, but will post on the back nine later.

By Dave Thomas
..know,Ryan when you'll want to be there so that we can open the brick bldg. to assemble the baskets and have access to the 2 post hole diggers that I have left there........Dave
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By rhand
Ok, the back 9

1. #10 - 18 need holes to be dug and sleeves placed ASAP. I have marked with an orange flag all of the pin placements. If anyone has anytime this week, please get a hold of Dave T so he can make arrangements to get you the post hole digger, cement, and sleeves (all of which are at MCC now). The only day that I'm not working 12hrs is Thursday so I will need some big help with this one.

2. #10/11/12 - fairway, cut debris/brush needs to be moved way off to the sides.

3. #13/14 - green needs to be raked and small sapplings/stumps cut

4. #15 - fairway needs minimal triming of 1-2 trees and some vines closest to the basket location

5. #18 - green needs a little more work. I cleared about 75% of the down brush and branches that were there, but there is still more and a lot of stumps that need to be trimmed.

Thats it. Not too much, so lets get going on this.

Let me know if you have questions.

By Tony Inzana
Ryan, I think your idea of people working instead of playing this week only is a great idea------cmon guys sacrifice 1 or 2 rounds of disc golf to reap the rewards of the MCC course for years to come. I , unfortunately am crazy busy as well this week, so maybe its time for the officers to have a week off and let the club members step up to the plate and help us.
By Dave Thomas
Mike Kelly will be a the MCC course tomorrow morning around 10 am. Anyone available to start digging the remaining 10 holes? (There are 10 because they are having a "Putting Basket"! Call me ASAP,as I can alert Mike and be there for you.....Dave
By john whitney
Dave, I will be at MCC around 1:15-1:30 to do some of the above mentioned work. Any chance to get the hole digging equipt. then ?


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By rhand

I know that Will will be meeting you out there in the am. Thank you Will! Hopefully someone else will see this and join you guys as well.

By Dave Thomas
I will meet Wil out there around 10/10:30..........I will let him have the 2 posthole diggers that I have.............Dave
By Willie Dick
All the sleeves are set
:twisted: it looks pretty good out thier...been clearing alote!!!!lots of pi....
yup ...hole 11, 12, 15 ,18,3, and ned..
By Dave Thomas
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks sooooooooo much! The MCC staff will be thrilled! I'll be out there sometime this week to put #s at the appropriate holes to help people find their way around! :lol:
By PEneoark
dave, I forgot....where does hole #1 start?
By Dave Thomas
Go to Parking Lot "M".......park in the NorthEast corner.....look across road to the East..........see a # 1 written on the same piece of signboard that was used at Sweden Town will see Black Tees (the longs) & Gold Tees (the shorts)..........the # 1 Basket is SW across the little creek........after that go straight North across the creek (you'll see some boards layed down) and go into the'll see # 2 tucked back into the woods......then just follow your nose.....after Hole # 9....go across the bridge....look to your left and see a fence.....go to the west of it and you'll see on your left the Black tees for # 10......then to #11 & #12.....after 12 walk out of woods to the right and see the Gold Tees on top of a little hill between two small pines......the Longs are to your right near the ESL Bldg near the water.....
Have fun......Dave
By john whitney
I will be at MCC Tuesday 5-22 all day clearing and cleaning up the back nine. If anyone is interested in helping out please show up (you can reach me on my cel @469-1046 to find out where I'm at).

By mjh33
I've got a lot of large roundish rocks (basketball size) and many angular ones and broken up pieces of foundation too. I could bring up a few every time I play MCC and slowly build a better crossing below the chains on #1. Is this coming Tuesday (6/26) at MCC? If so I'll bring some and if it's okay with others I'll keep doing it whenever I play there until a stable crossing is complete.
By mbrennan5
Id wait for Ryan and Dave to respond to that before lugging them in. I thought I heard talk of building a bridge. Either way, MCC may or may not like rocks in their drainage system.
By Dave Thomas
DO NOT bring anything onto the course other than SWEAT! The profs are going to get a bobcat and put big rocks in the culvert that blend with the natural landscape..........thx for the offer............all will be well, a "little" extra walk never hurt anyone......Dave
By mjh33
Thanks for the official word - I'll keep the rocks at home and save some back strain. Instead I'll bring a garbage bag when I play there. I was there yesterday afternoon and there are more soda and beer cans added to the collection around the course.
By PEneoark
I cannot believe that there is already lots of trash on that course
By Dave Thomas
for picking up the trash......people are really "pushing it" by bringing alcohol onto the MCC campus!!! They have been duly warned and whatever happens......HAPPENS!
Again,thx for all your help! Dave
By PEneoark
you cant bring alcohol onto the course? I didnt know that...but then again, I havent played the course.
By Dave Thomas
This is a "College Campus"! It is a 2-year college where you have 18-19-20 year old students (on the average) and you know that the legal drinking age is 21!
If you get caught with alcohol,the Lord only knows what they'll do with you & or the course. I suspect that the public may be banished from using it! Sooooooooooooooo,proceed with caution & NO drinking according to the college officials that we deal with! Thanks
PS............we have nice thing going here.....let's NOT screw it up!
By Tony Inzana
Dave - I think you know that the members of the RDGC are not the offending agents here---have you ever seen a club member leave trash at a course? I just hope that MCC knows that the club is doing the best they can to help keep the course clean.
By PEneoark
Just to let you all know, when I went to MCC years back, we used to drink and smoke back there all the time. I honestly still think a lot of the kids still do that there. I dont really see how they would pin it on us. The school admins knows what goes on back there. Thats what happens on a lot of nature trails, ya know?
:twisted: dontpolice the golf course......we are all big boys.......besides you might get eaten by a bear.....
By PEneoark
LZM wrote::twisted: dont police the golf course......we are all big boys.......besides you might get eaten by a bear.....

Excellent point. I agree with you 100%
:twisted: I have seen the campus cops back their......and I was drinking at the time......I am over 21 theirs nothing they can do...
:twisted: owand I pick my cans or bottles up when I go to so.....if I see another sparks can....... :x not that any of you dont....
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