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Course conditions, opinions and observations
The Erie Disc Golf Club, whose mission is to promote the sport of disc golf and develop a series of courses along the Erie canal system, has recently received approval from Wayne county and the town of Palmyra install a 9 hole course at Swift's Landing Park at 4100 Hogback Hill Rd, Palmyra, NY 14522. Cross Streets: Between CR-223 and Galloway Rd. This 9 hole course will appeal to beginners and experts alike with it's challenging and fun layout.
We are pleased to announce this to the disc golf community and let you know that since we already have approval the Erie Disc Golf Club is focusing on clearing out the holes this winter as well as fund raising so the course will be in by early may. I will be posting shortly the course description and layout (with pics) to give everybody and idea of what is being developed here. Please feel free to go to the park and check it out, all input is welcome. A document containing our sponsorship packages will also be posted shortly. We are very excited about this course and if you are too and want to help please contact the EDGC via facebook,, clayton woodard at 585-683-1087, or post here.
By Brownguy
i know where that is. Figures i leave Macedon and this happens!!!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
By Johnny Flash
I'm very happy to hear that you've finally recieved approval, what is the status of this course? How's momma and the little one faring i hope well. please let me know if there is anything i can do to help.
By Forehander
EDGC wrote: I will be posting shortly the course description and layout (with pics) to give everybody and idea of what is being developed here. A document containing our sponsorship packages will also be posted shortly.

Did these ever get posted anywhere?
By swade0103x
We are putting them together this week. Sorry about delay, been quite bogged down and was waiting for paperwork to be finalized (which is done now).
By Skippy
The course should be installed by spring of 2014. We have one more hole sponsor to sell. budgets have been tight this whole last year and every penny we get is going towards it. we have four $500 sponsors currently and with added cash from our account we havea total of $3,300, roughly, with a goal of $4,250 for total project completin. This includes concrete, sleeves, baskets, advertising and master locks. If anyone wants to sponsor one last basket, I'm sure the EDGC can cover the last pennies. Post here if your interested. Thank you!
By mcicotta
I believe a hole sponsorship is $500, but I'm not completely sure. Did you play the charity tournament in October?

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By Skippy
Correct, Mike. Five hundred will cover everything for a hole. We actually need more than one sponsor, but we have extra funds in our account to cover it. One last sponsor would just help with the purchase of the baskets. I believe there are three holes left with no names on them. So lets find one more sponsor!
By Skippy
Well hello there.. :wave: this post has been sitting there bothering me for sometime now. Let me update you…

So a lot of you know that some club funds went missing through the hands of a assumed trusted friend. :x Eight hundred and seventy five dollars was lost. Epic. I'm telling you this because I don't believe secrets will lead to any form of success. If that money was not lost, this course would have been in the ground last fall. Our bank account is looking like a little over $2,910. Our goal is $3,200 and some change. Now, that only leaves us a little short of our goal… maybe $400 to cover everything. :)

In case a lot of you are wondering, yes, all your sponsorships are accounted for and also more accumulated through league, CTP's and memberships/disc sales. One other note: no, not all the holes were sponsored so if your are still interested in being that final sponsor to put a course in, get ahold of me.

i have already accepted a degree of out of pocket expenses, so, i'm hoping that $400 can look more like $100 with everyones help. :cheers:

Installation target date is the week of May 26th. Lets get this done people!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
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