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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Brownguy
The back holes are playable if you dont mind the 2 inches of mud. it looks as if they ran a blade dozer to smooth the walk paths. there are 2 new drainage pipes on 13 and old 16. Looks like it is gonna be awhile before it dries up.
By awesomesauce
Played last night, everything was pretty dry except for hole 8. Keep it on the fairway or you'll be shin deep in water. Course looks and plays great with all of the updates! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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By Jerami
Regardless of the conditions of the course, it looks like Derek will continue to have his barstool at Bill Grays... For the next 30 years. After signing a super lease including the naming rights for the arena, it looks like there is no better time than now to get some sponsorship talks going with them!
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FatKid wrote:After signing a super lease including the naming rights for the arena, it looks like there is no better time than now to get some sponsorship talks going with them!

Here's an article in the D&C about it...
I just have to say I played mcc's new layout yesterday and absolutely loved it,(even minus three baskets yet to come). Thank you to everyone who helped out and the university for embracing disc golf! I am curious what the new pars are all the way around!
By direwolf9
I put in a little work at MCC today, cleared some of the small stuff on the green of the hole 1 black basket, then worked on cutting a path from that basket towards the next tee. The picture I attached is of the path through, I am thinking of clearing off the rocks on the left so that they can be used as seating if there is a wait for the hole 2 tee to clear.

I am planning on returning next weekend to finish that up, then hopefully move on to the next holes. If anyone wants to join, send me a message, or get a hold of me somehow.
By Tony Inzana
Looks great John !!! Thanks for taking the initiative to get the ball rolling there
By direwolf9
I didn't move on to any other holes yesterday, but I did finish cleaning up the fairway/green of hole 1 so that now there are some landing areas without all of that knee-high growth. Also finished (or did as much as I intend to do for now) clearing the path to hole 2.
By mjerv1
Hey guys,
Never played MCC before, we were thinking about heading out there today around 4pm. How are the conditions? Muddy? Playable? Wondering if it's worth driving out from brockport or if we should wait til its dryer. Thanks for any help!
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