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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Fukes
Something has to be done about the bridge crossing at Basil on the back nine. Mabey a couple guys in hip waders and an battery powered drill could shore up that damaged support. I'm willing to help... Just know its a hazard I dunno
That bridge has had it! I was there a few weeks ago and was nervous walking my 230 pounds across it. Do it up like the bridge leading to #1 at MCC. A couple of telephone poles and some 2x6 PT - get rid of the 4x4's with splices in the middle. I've built a few bridges like that. Very sturdy. The only difficulty would be getting said telephone poles back there (we could do it Navy Seal style!) Where would be the nearest access point? Vintage?
By jarason
Sometimes you can get old used ones from utility companies (frontier,rge, etc.) I have in the past from the frontier in spencerport. Do we want to stray from the "breakaway" bridge style? After all that is the longest a bridge has ever lasted back there. The height the water rises to would wipe out telephone poles if we laid them across without elevating them.
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By reksav
The problem with used telephone poles is they normally rot from the inside out, so it makes them hard to tell what kind of shape they really are in. If we can get some new ones, or ones that are no older than 10-15yrs used then we'd be all set.

Our 3 best options are, steel I-beams, lam beams, or telephone poles. In that order.
FYI. If someone has a truck w/ a decent bed or a large van, I may have some materials on the cheap. There is a bunch of un used steel racking in the parking lot behind my work. So much that it wouldn't be missed. We could go take a look best bet being Sat or Sunday evening. PM me if anyone interested.
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