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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By zephead
I am all for a course in Webster but I think they are crazy to put a course there. Area is too small and also used by many people. Looks to me like it will be dangerous for people who use the park. Also lots of water and places to lose discs. Hopefully I am wrong but looks like course could be a problem. We shall see.
By Mudd Budd
We played at a tourney there last year, it was a fun course... we had 18 holes around the park.

There were a lot of walkers, and they seemed interested in what we were doing.

I did hit a goose with an errant shot, and I do not think it is still alive today--- I also lost that disc, as after it bounced off the goose, it sank in the pond.

Still a fun course though!
By Traubie
The course was a lot of fun, I played it from the blues a few times. A lot of water shots and possible OB's, easy hole to score on, or blowup.

Each hole has a uniqueness to it, I assume the string on the tree on 8 is a mando?

Oh yea, Aced hole 1 yesterday from the blues!

User avatar
By rhand
Yes the course is in.

I want to thank Doug Blighton, Gene Beaumont, Nicki DiSalvo, Bob Honch, Joseph Schmidlin, Peter Lunstead for all of their help installing the course. I'm ecstatic to finally see a course in my town!

I have painted 2 tees for each hole
- orange, which is a shorter rec/beginner tee (a lot of fun to play with a putter/mid range)
-blue, which is an everyday tee
*there will be a 3rd tee going on all holes, which will be the pro tees*

There are no mando's. Hole 8 needs some more TLC off the tee (to come shortly).

This is a multi-use park so please respect that. On hole #4 you are throwing at the walking path. Please make sure that no one is in potential harm when throwing. This simply means to wait until the walkers have cleared out from the basket. Not that hard, be patient.

Thanks again to everyone that helped out. Next up is MCC Black Course! Make sure to make one of those work days.

By FishyMack
The "MCC Black Course"? What is that going to be? When is the work scheduled? I was willing to help with the new Webster course, but I never saw work dates. That is a long way away for me, anyway. However, i can definitely help out at MCC.
By Stairyo

Shouldn't the new tees at MCC be Blue or Gold, assuming the concrete tees are White? I know the old tees were Black and Gold (I assume because they are the school colors?). Is this something that the school requested? If we are going to make this a top tier course with multiple tees doesn't it make sense to align them with the PDGA standards?

Chili has always been weird to me with the Reds longer than the Blues. But I did see that new Red tees have been planted by someone so maybe this is being corrected.

I know it's a small thing, but I wanted to ask before we get too far down the road.

By FishyMack
Are you saying that we will use the SAME t-pads, but throw to a NEW, different basket? So would t-pad #1 now be for Hole #1 AND Hole #19? If not, please explain better. If so, this is new to me, but sounds interesting. When is the work to take place so i can help?
By PL08
One tee pad to two baskets. A short and long course. You can either play to all the gold baskets, all the black baskets, or create your own special course and play that. Keeps it fresh and fun. Can't wait!

PS back to the topic heading. Can't wait for a chance to play NPP, design looked awesome while we were installing.
By PL08
Just got a chance to play the course and it is AWESOME!

Hole 1 sets the round, throw good shots, get rewarded. (NICE FREAKING ACE TRAUB)

Hole 2 easy straight forward hole. However miss your putt and very good chance for a rollaway with the basket on that steep hill. Happened in both rounds played today.

Hole 3 is every rightys dream! But it is just enough extra distance that you feel you can reach it for the 2 so you put that extra power in your drive and that puts you in danger of grip lock or flipping your discs. FUN hole!

Hole 4 OB haven. Placement shot all day.

Hole 5 is a great flick line through the woods. Would love to find a few more wooded holes around the perimeter when we get the 18.

Hole 6 is great for elevation but I recommend moving the tee back next to the bush behind the long tee. It changes it from an open hole to a controlled hyzer.

Hole 7 I was happy to lock in the 3 the second round. The trees covering the upshot to the basket really makes you think the shot and that is just plain fun. Any line you take is risky.

Hole 8 could easily be pushed to a par 4 (depending on the land the county let us use) with the basket across the pond near the willow tree and moving hole 9's long tee closer to the walking path.

Hole 9 is just out of my range but nice to finish on a safe hole.

Great design, very enjoyable to play and looking forward to more rounds there.
So I finally got to play this nice course! My only concern is I had a lot of trouble finding the start of many of the holes! Is there any way to define the tee pads! Park and course are in great condition.
By PL08
If someone has the 4x4s and can let me borrow a shovel I can get them in the ground on a warm day. Zach and I live in the same complex so I'm sure we can organize something.
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