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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By zacharyhoy
Fellow Disc Golfers,
I went to my first club meeting tonight. I started playing this past July. I was asked what attracted me to the game and what helped me get more involved in disc golf. I thought about it and below are what I came up with:

-GRDGC is welcoming environment for new players no matter what level or putter to start with
-I was taught early on how to play by PDGA rules including mini marker, OBs, 10 meter circle, order off the tee, mandos, etc.
-leagues go to different types of courses: technical vs. distance
-was given some basic used discs to start with
-easy to access website with videos to highlight courses
-encouraged early to sign up for tournaments which improved my game

I am encouraged by learning how to get more involved and helping grow the sport.

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By TBayer
Greetings All,

I saw Zach's post and thought I would chime in.

I guess I qualify as a new guy as the first time I showed up was Saturday Winter League in March, 2013. For the first few winter league outings, I brought 3 discs; a 15 year old, Gazelle, a recently purchased Valkyrie and a 15 year old, Wham-O Frisbee, 86 Softie putter.


What attracted me as a new player was GRDGC doubles:
* I was warmly welcomed. No one made snide remarks to me for having 15-year-old discs or bringing just 3.

* The cooperative doubles format was perfect. Easy going, fun atmosphere where every one was pulling for everyone else to play well. Good shots were complimented regardless of who made the shot.

* Different partner week to week - get to meet and play with everyone.

* I learned a LOT by watching the experience players and by asking what discs they were throwing and why. Everyone was generous in taking time to answer my questions or handing me a disc to throw to try out.

* Playing at rotating courses is a good format (even the 2 courses I don't like). NOTE - Playing at Basil all winter is perfect (I severely dislike MCC … just sayin')

* When my partner and I played well enough to cash - that was icing on the cake.

GRDGC doubles is done very well.

T. Bayer
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By Tony Inzana
zacharyhoy --- welcome and thanks for starting this thread... and welcome to all those that are new to disc golf and the club. 2014 is going to be a banner year for Rochester and the GRDGC.

Just wanted to say that I got a chill down my back when i saw that zacharyhoy had posted his PDGA # and we are now in the 60,000's . WOW has this sport exploded !!! It is amazing to think that my son Michael who is 11, has PDGA # 21664.
By PL08
I knew Zach was going to be my favorite new player when he came to Singles League with a Polecat. Sorry Tim, but Zach takes the cake for me. Plus he has awesome business cards.

48755 is mine so we have grown almost 12,000 players since 2010.

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By TBayer
Hey Peter,

No problem here - Zach has the right attitude; He is out to have fun throwing plastic. He revels in a fine shot and I've seen Zach make a bad shot and then laugh at it. Perfect!

Oh, about the business card; have I given you one of my cards?


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By PL08
Ok Zach has now a slight edge because of the Polecat but DAAAAAAAMN... not bad Tim... not bad at all
By Schmankster
I consider myself to be a fairly new player (I started in July of 2012). A friend at work got me addicted to the sport - I wish I discovered it years ago! I play as often as my schedule, the weather, and my wife allow. Lately I have been shooting +15-20, not that awesome but compared to a year ago...big difference. I've played most of the local courses with Parma and MCC (hole 9!) being my favorites. I am even considering entering my first GRDGC amateur tournament in 2014, which I am a little nervous about!

During the past year+, I've met some awesome, knowledgeable people who have given me great pointers, let me try a disc, whatever. The feeling of brotherhood and camaraderie is amazing! It seems like everyone is friendly and willing to help, unlike a lot of other sports. For example, I was playing solo at Basil, and lost a disc in some deep scrub. I looked for a while by myself, no luck. I see a guy waiting on the teepad for me. I tell him "go ahead" he throws (perfectly I might add) and then proceeds to help me find my disc for the next 20 minutes or so (we found it!). We finished out the rest of the 18 together (with great pointers given out the whole time!) Also, I have been pretty lucky in getting my lost discs returned (nobody has taken my offer of a reward!) Karma!

I have not attended any club meetings due to the fact they are on Wednesday nights (my 12 yo son and I have Boy Scouts on Wednesday nights), but I would love to help the club anyway I can (I have been a carpenter since I could hold a hammer). Anytime there is work to be done, let me know! The posting of the club minutes really helps too!
By Tony Inzana
Thanks for the great post Matt ---- welcome to disc golf and to the GRDGC ---- we will certainly be looking for help on the courses this year and we will continue to post the meeting minutes. Hope to see you at our leagues and also one of the local tourny's to start. Don't be afraid to compete, we have many divisions to include all skill levels
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