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The 40th Anniversary of the Rochester Flying Disc Open (RFDO)
love your comments Rick ---- made me chuckle for sure

#1 -- there will be a separate am weekend 2 to 3 weeks prior to the pro side
#2 -- I expect a lot of the top ams to play in both events, not many opportunities in this region to be paired up with some of the best players in the world.... and if they don't play, then I am hoping that the ams will come out to help with the tourny and watch the pros. HOping to get 144 ams followed by 144 pros for the 2 events
#3 -- come to the meeting November 6th === I am looking for a team of people willing to help with the planning of these great events
By Brownguy
Hopefully Basil gets thrown into the mix! Need to have that course in play more. Great course to gain or lose strokes on.
How will the Am side be tiered? I'll be bringing a crew from Colorado, and we'll have to decide which way to play.... Not that I have any business in open, but I will have open and advanced players coming.

Anyways, congrats on another big tourney in the Roc!!! :clap:
Sean, we are running separate weekends for the pros and the ams --- am side will be a 2 day in mid-august --- that gives the ams a chance to either play, watch and/or help for the pro side on Sept 5-7th
I know it doesn't matter at this point, but why was this split up to two dates? You have enough courses to field the full event.

Not trying to stir anything up, but I had a pretty solid crew of Am and Open players planning on making the trip together. I was also looking forward to meeting and hanging with the Pros during the week.

Either way, I'll be there with some folks on the Am side. I. Can't. Wait.

Do I spend my time brushing up on my old favorites, or explore all the new courses you guys have put in???? Hmmmm....
same weekend = need more TDs/ course directors, and everyone has less spotters or other people helping out at the course. also frees up Ams to watch the top pros play the whole weekend instead of just a final 9.
Thanks for the input Luke --- there are many advantages to splitting it up like we are doing --- one thing that wasn't mentioned is the fact that an am can play in the August Am Weekend and then also choose to play in the NT event with the top pros --- or they can help with the NT event or come out and watch the pros and not have to worry about playing. Sorry Sean that they are not the same weekend, but IMO most people will enjoy the split events for this special year.
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