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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Sythie
Played Basil yesterday only to discover the bridge is in real bad shape. Waking across it I could tell something wasn't right and luckily I made it across. Once to the other side I saw that the left side of the bridge is almost broken all the way thru. It will not hold the weight of more than one person in my opinion and it's only a matter of time before it's completely unusable. Posting this in the hope that nobody is hurt which could jeopardize the courses future.
By Doug Corea
Thanks Matt, I'll call the creator,aka, the Dog. Matt please give me a call or maybe I'll see you at the Finals - thanks. -304
By Sythie
Will do Doug. I've been meaning to call you just been crazy busy. Sunday was only the second time I had thrown in over a month. Btw that zonedriven disc is a gazelle. I will be at the finals Saturday also.
By KyleG
Basil bridge down! Played Sunday morning to find a complete absence of a bridge going to #13. Not sure who is in charge of these matters, but just wanted to get the word out there. Hopefully nobody was hurt!
By Phogbound
In my humble opinion all efforts in clearing/maintaining should be focused on creating a way to cross that creek NOW! Perhaps more to the North?. I find it shocking that probably the most played course in league play, (rounds per year) is being treated like a red headed step child. I'm aware of the RFDO and cleaning things up for scheduled courses (I GET IT!), but PLEASE LOOK AT BASIL soon. I'm assuming that members of the club took down and cleaned up remaining debris of the the bridge, but I find it pretty sad that we have not heard of a plan to date to remedy the situation. CONTACT THE BOY SCOUTS or please announce what the clubs plans are in making this course playable again!


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By reksav
Kevin, the plan has been made and are awaiting materials to put it into effect.

The plan is this... We have been donated 2 35' uprights made of steel tubing designed as part of a racking system in an industrial warehouse. The hold up is that these uprights are not available until replacements are purchased for said warehouse. We could spend a bunch of money on other building materials that would last only a few years or we can wait another few weeks and have a bridge that the vandals couldn't damage without a cutting torch.

I'm voting for waiting.
By Phogbound

Thank You For The Update. I was a little worried our wooded friend was forgotten. I'm all for the better fix. Perhaps involved parties could mull over placement a little farther north, between 16 basket and 13 pad.

Thanks for the quick reply,

Phog :clap: :clap: :clap:
By FishyMack
Please be sure to contact Park Foreman John Plummer before installing the bridge. It is always wise to be in contact with "landowners".

When the time comes, I would like to help set up the new bridge.
By Spong
Hey team,
I am new to the hobby a bit and I went to play Basil for the first time this morning. I was loving it but I was looking for hole 13 and according to the online map you must take a bridge to get to it. Try as I might there was no bridge to be found but I did find this...(see attachment)

...believe it or not one of the link on the chain that was attached cement to the block was bent this where the bridge should be? Maybe it was washed away in the storm? I do not know how permanent it was but from what I could see from the map thats where it should've been. Just wondering I am supposed to play there with a friend this weekend.

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