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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By PL08
Well Ryan and I had our match today at Parma. Exchanged holes back and forth through hole 10 being tied at 3. Then I grabbed 4 out of the next 5 to take the win 7-3 through 15. Great playing with you Ryan!

The Final 4 is set! Peter Lunstead against Tom Kent and Mike Neufeglise vs. Tony Inzana. Good luck to all!
By PL08
So tonight Tom and I head to Chili for our semifinal match. I put together a 55 and let me just say, this is not the match I expected shooting a 55.

Hole 1 Tom and I both realized on our 2nd shot that the basket is in a new position (did not know there was one on this hole) and we both 4 it. Tom strikes first with a park job on 3 and I come back to tie it with a park job on 5. I birdied 7 to go up 2-1 and then grabbed a 3-1 advantage after a birdie on 12. Tom is down to 1 mullie and we both lace 13 but have about 25 footers each. I hit those damn nubs on the basket for my birdie and Tom drains his to put the score at 3-2. Then we come to 16. Tom's drive looks to be parked off the tee and mine looks to be in the circle. Both of which we were correct but mine is on the mound in the prickers leaving a tough but should be easy straddle putt. Nub again for the bird and Tom hits his to tie it 3-3 still holding on to that damn freaking mullie. 17 was dangerous, Tom's drive is under a tree near 18's but should have an easy 3 so all I have to do is play clean and push to 18. Bubble boss does not flip but goes on a straight hyzer over to the pine tree line on the left. Tom parks his upshot leaving me a must nail shot over the trees. Used the zone to fight the wind and placed it within 5 ft to push it 3-3 going to 18 with 1 mullie left for Tom. Both shots are in the gap to the left of the mound and pine trees. Tom only has a tomahawk line for his 2nd and mine is a no shot for a 3 but an easy line for a 4. Tom's tommy goes left leaving him a high shot over the trees in the wind to get to the basket for his 4. First shot hits the trees and falls, mullie time... but the thumber goes over the mound leaving him a 50 footer for the 4. I put my 3rd shot within 5 ft and wait for Tom to putt. The disc leaves his hand and it has the height and the distance... but misses left to fall past the basket. I putt my disc in for the 4 and the win.

One of the best match play rounds of the seasons and there is a reason Tom has made it as far as he did. AWESOME playing with you Tom and good luck in the consolation match.

Finals: Peter Lunstead vs. ???
Consolation: Tom Kent vs. ???
The Battle at Baker Farm. What a great match. Very little misplay and it really was a close one. Well played by Peter to close out 18 with a safe and solid 4 as that hole can easily get out of control (as it did for me). His park job on 7 really put the pressure on early. I hit top nubs on 14 to just miss a birdie and that could have really changed things. Peter's upshot on 15 was brilliant as he was left with quite a bit of work from under a pine. Great course management and a well deserved victory from Peter.

Good luck to Neuf and Tony as they battle for the honor of taking on Peter.
The weather was much better then the games brought to chili today. It was great playing with you Tony. Neuf wins 4-2 thru 17. No birdies for either on the front. Truly a mediocre day of play. Tony, good luck vs Tom. I'm going to have to step it up for sure against Pete.
By PL08
Congrats Neuf! I will shoot you a text and we will find a time to head out to Shorewinds.

Tony and Tom, as discussed if you would like to still play the beast for the battle for 3rd place you can, but if you would rather stay in town, Parma will be the course.

For everyone that played this year, I will be doing payout and awarding the first place trophy at the GRDGC League Finals at MCC. I believe Ryan is looking at the second weekend in November.

Good luck to everyone in the Final two matches of the year!
By PL08
The Battle of the 11-1's:

Peter Lunstead vs. Mike Neufeglise (4)

November 2nd @ The Beast

Winner brings home the trophy, bragging rights, and a fresh $125.

Worth playing for? I think so.
Tom and I had a great Sunday afternoon to play at Parma. Unfortunately for Tom, i played really, really well and never gave him a chance ---- It was great playing with you Tom. I shot a 51 out there today, bettering my best round there by 2 strokes, taking a 4 on holes 4 and 5 only allong with 5 birdies on holes 3, 6, 9, 16 and 17, winning 6-1 after 15 holes
By PL08
Match play is complete!!! Your 2013 Champion is......

We got there around 10am and the sun was poking through the clouds giving us a glimmer of hope for a nice day. It did not stay that we long as we played most of the round in light rain. Lots of holes were won and it began with Neuf crushing an anny flick for his 2nd shot to give him an easy layup for a 4 and I took a 5, 1-0 Mike. 2 we both played clean and washed the hole with a 4. Hole 3 was where it got tricky. Neuf goes OB off his drive and I play a clean line into the fairway. Mulli was used but early release sends it into the trees for Neuf. 2nd mulli for Neuf places him in the fairway. He crushes his upshot but it leaves him with a crappy line through the trees to get to the basket. I play save and have about a 15 footer for 4. Mike finds an amazing line through the trees to park himself and have a drop in 4 so wash right? Nope shank my putt giving him a 2-0 lead. Hole 3 fairway drive for Mike and I go OB, 3-0 Neuf through 4 holes. Hole 5 Neuf flips into the shrubs but gives him self a 40 footer for a 4 but misses and I drop in for my 4 to get on the board 3-1. Hole 6, another OB for Peter, 4-1 Neuf. Hole 7 was wash #2. Hole 8 Neuf ends up in shrubbery and only way out is a roller that lead him to more shrubbery but I play a clean hole for a 4 to come back again 4-2. Hole 9 both have clean drives and I just miss the basket for an upshot 2 but go 40 past. Mike goes for a layup but hits a tree and into the water, Mully #3 was used to park it and I miss my putt again to go down 5-2. Both drives go into the woods on 10 but Mike's is closer and he finds his 4 to my 5 to go up 6-2. Hole 11 comes down to the putt for Mike which he misses a 20 footer and then uses a mulli to wash the hole but misses again to bring me back to 6-3. But then Hole 12 was a painful dagger for me as Mike cans a 40 footer for a duece to go up 7-3. BUT!! OB for Mike on 13... WHAT??!! Peter pulls to 7-4. Then hole 14 Neuf misses another 20 footer to wash the hold, PETER PULLS TO 7-5!! Then the short hole 15 PETER LACES A DRIVE AND PARKS IT! And Neuf Thumbers one just the same to each deuce the hole and have only 3 washed holes for the round. Hole 16. Both drives are clean to give upshots for a birdy 3. Peter steps up first but flips over his boss to land in the woods. Neuf thumbs an upshot but leaves him with about a 50 footer. There is still a chance to roll out and wash the hole with a 4 and go to 17. But Neuf puts the final dagger by nailing the 50 footer for his 3 to close out the match and become the Innagural Neighborhood Match Play Champion by winning 8 holes to 5. Yes 13 holes won out of 16 holes.

Big congratulations to Mike Neufeglise, hell of a round!
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