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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By Tony Inzana
There is nothing crazy about the OB's. The streams/water at Parma. The perimeter at chili as well as the water. Island green on hole 2 at Chili. Pretty simple and all little details will be detailed at the player's mtg
By PL08
Glad you enjoyed it Pieri and thanks for playing this weekend!

We tried to get up the scores Saturday but had to wait on a password from the PDGA. We have contacted them and once received the scores will be posted.

Stay tuned and thanks to everyone for coming out and making this a great event!!

Looking forward to bigger and better for the 40th!!!
By Mudd Budd
Tourney was a lot of fun this year, and I agree that the courses looked quite awesome- was it coordinated with the parks to mow right before the tourney, or was that coincidence that the fairways were pristine?

Pete and Zack- were there any leftover medium shirts from your half of the tourney? I would like to trade in my small if possible.

Congrats to all the winners too- those trophies keep getting nicer.

thanks for all the legwork, and thanks to everyone who played-
By PL08
I still have not received mine from Sanctioned Singles, I will follow up with Tony to see if he got his.
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By reksav
The password is generally in the event registration email towards the bottom. Unless they've changed that recently...
By ronbo
Seriously though what's the deal? Most tournaments are in within 24 hours, the C-tier from Kalajoki, Finland has already been submitted!!!!!
By PL08
I know you are eager Ron and so am I. Talked to Tony yesterday and he has the password. His plan is to get it done ASAP.

Sorry for the delay everyone.
By Beamer
Bronchitis ......
Anyone wanna trade health status with me?
Lol, my doctor called me a dumbass for attemtping to play ,before, i knew i had bronchitis. He's a funny guy.
By absolut watkins
Rick Watkins heart Ron Arena. i'm going to have to pick your brain one of these days on how to play this game they call disc golf.... Bobby and Dan are busy folks and Sean can show me how to tomahawk only so far!
By ronbo
cubeofsoup wrote:the Ronbo success forumla: shave head, grow beard, acquire swag, the rest is easy...

lol yep that about wraps it up. I don't know if those are exactly correct as of right now, but i'll take it for now! I had a putt on 2 that just missed for a bird, and another on 9 from about 40, and didn't 3 18. other than that i played that final 9 perfect.

Rick Watkins, see mr cubeofsoup's success formula
By absolut watkins
FatKid wrote:As I have2/3 of the formuka... could someone olease inforn me as to where I can acquire this swag?

Your killing me smalls!
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By TCampbell
FatKid wrote:As I have2/3 of the formuka... could someone olease inforn me as to where I can acquire this swag?

Is A2 back???
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By Jerami
Typing from a phone... In sunlight... With fat fingers on a touch screen...

The formula for unsuccessful posting... But plenty of fuel to keep Timmy going
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By reksav
Would it be possible to see a monies breakdown? There was over $2k added and I'm just not seeing it in the payouts I've heard.
By Tony Inzana
I would be happy to go over the monies and the payout whenever you would like ---- Just to give you a small perspective on the payout --- entry fees were 5065 + 2150 sponsor cash which totals $7275 ---- payout with player packs, trophies, CTP's, cash for pros and merch for ams was $8750 There was also $443 dollars paid to the PDGA and about $240 paid to paypal and disc golf scene for registrations, since I decided to not charge people extra to pay online. That totals the payout to - $9433 with only $7275 to start with --- 233% payout to the Pros and 178% to the ams. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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By reksav
A field of 37 at $40 entry fee, being paid out 178%, how does a second place tie equal $67? I'm not trying to attack, just wondering how it was figured.
By Tony Inzana
I would be happy to show you the payout tables ---- and explain the exact way it was done in person, but not on the forum. Your player pack alone was valued at $35 retail. $5 in fees (paypal, discgolfscene and PDGA fees) were taken off the $40 to start leaving $35 --- $18 per person were deducted for the player pack. That leaves $17 per entry left to payout the top finishers. Each player had $23 added into the purse ($6 extra) per person --- then you take the $23 times 37 players, get that number and use the PDGA payout charts to figure out the numbers. The PDGA uses a flatter payout scale for amateurs, trying to avoid the huge payouts of merch for the top people and trying to pay out more to half the field. They are also encouraging the player pack way -- some tournaments are paid out entirely with a player pack and then only have a trophy for ams... There were trophies that were paid for and were not deducted from the payout scale (which a TD can do if they chose to per the PDGA rules) That was $85 just for the intermediate trophy.

I hope this satisfies your inquiry, but again I have it all written down and submitted to the PDGA and would be happy to show it to you. I don't profit from the tournaments I run. That's not why I do this. I am trying to run a great event and make everyone feel that they got a lot out of the weekend. A little shocked that there is "questions" about payout --- thought the payouts were great and thought we had a slammin' player pack with a great shirt and a great limited edition tournament stamped Glo disc.
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