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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By PL08
With that win Falcon locks in the #7 seed.

Ron win and lock in the #3 seed and play #6 Tom Kent in playoffs or lose and the #3 seed goes to Tony, #4 will be Sean, #5 will be Ron.

Footlong, win and lock in the #8 seed.

I have pushed Wild Card weekend back another week because some players have had some difficulty getting in their final match. I appreciate everyone staying in contact and please keep pushing to get it done as soon as possible.
By PL08
Footlong locks in the #8 seed with his win and it comes down to one final match of the regular season. Nick Day vs Mike Drees. Nick wins and he is in, but if he loses there will be a 3-way match play play in game against Nick Day, Andy Dorofy, and Jason Krohn.

Is your match scheduled yet? Good Luck!
By PL08
Krohn, Andy and Day will be playing their play in match this Tuesday at 3:30pm. 9 hole match at Parma, winner will take the #10 spot, be guaranteed in the payout, and play Falconio in the Wild Card Round.

Playoff time is here!!
By PL08
Nick Day wins the play in round against Andy and Krohn to lock in the number 10 spot. Wildcard round is upon us and the matches are:

Nick Day (9) vs The Falcon
John Frank vs Ryan Hand (4)

Top 6 are eager for the next round so try and get your matches in ASAP gentlemen!

Congratulations to the 10 finalists!
By PL08
And then there were 9.

Falcon controls the #7 seed and will play Neuf in the quarter finals.

The footlong vs Hand winner will play "The Peter" in the quarter finals.

Quarter finals can begin this week. Sean and Tony are playing on Monday. Post your matches and good luck!
The Hand pimp slaps Footlong 2-1 on the final hole after a great round.

Thanks to everyone that made this series possible and to all the great players that participated in this new event!

I hope we can keep this series going next year!
Sean and I played tonight at Parma. What a great match. I took the early lead, winning holes 3, 4 and 9. Sean picked up 2 on holes 13 and 15. He parked 16 and luckily I was able to do the same to push. Hole 17, Sean missed his birdie putt to tie and had an unfortunate roll 60 feet away. His par putt missed, giving me the 4-2 win. Great match Sean. It was a pleasure playing with you and getting to watch that crazy tomahawk !!!
Neuf takes down the falcon 4-0 thru 15. Mjoe caught me on one of those days where you haven't played in two weeks, the first round back is lights out. Know what i mean? I also benefited from some less than stellar putting, not usually seen out of Mike. Do I get to keep the 4 leftover mullys?
By PL08
That is impressive Neuf. I'll let you use the 4 mullies on your next casual round how about that.

Ryan and I are working on a time. He works till 7 all this week and I am out of town on Saturday and DJing Sunday so we will be pushing into next week. Only 5 players left and the trophy looks ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! THANK YOU JERAMI!!!
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