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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By Tony Inzana
The PDGA has finalized their A-tier and major event schedule for 2013. Unfortunately, our 1st 2 weekend choices for our event were not available and the 3rd weekend that was put down was accepted, but is in July and there is little chance that any of the touring pros will attend the event if held in July. Ryan Hand and myself with the help of Eric Trippany as the state coordinator have decided instead to run a B-Tier event the weekend of September 14-15th, 2013. This weekend will be after the Disc Ithaca Open and the Lewiston Luau on Labor Day weekend and the following weekend (Sept 7-8th) where there are A-Tiers in Toronto Island and in PA at the Eric Yetter tourny so hopefully, even though we wil be a B-tier, we will be able to attract the touring pros for another great weekend of disc golf and fun in Rochester. We are still gonna pay out like we were an A-tier, but we have to pay the PDGA less for a B-tier, so we should be able to add even more cash for the players instead of it going to the PDGA. We are disappointed that we are not hosting as A-tier, but this won't slow us down in our future planning for our 40th Annual RFDO in 2014. Please contact me with any further questions regarding next year's schedule.
By Tony Inzana
The problem is that the Luau is not an A-tier, so there are a boatload of A-tiers and majors during the last couple weeks of August and 1st couple weeks in September, so the Luau will not be able to find an empty weekend without conflict.... the growth of the sport has created a lot of tourny's that are close to each other
By Melynda
This year's Pittsburgh--> BHMO --> Rochester --> Vibram etc. east coast swing seemed perfect. The RFDO did very well, too.

Rochester has amazing courses and respect in the golf community from hosting Worlds. It's such a shame to give up Rochester's A-tier status and following from 2012, especially because it's the longest running tournament in the PDGA. :(
By Tony Inzana
Yes last year's flow was awesome, but they were unable to preserve that for 2013 for many reasons, but especially because of where the worlds are, now in August instead of July. We will still have a following in September and the tournament will not lose any quality being a B tier instead of an A tier. Also it won't dampen our plans for 2014. We will still be pushing forward for a huge event for our 40th RFDO.
By Luke Butch
the "tour" flow last year was good after worlds but pretty bad early in the season.

anyone know why discithaca A tier has to be on labor day weekend? doesn't seem to make sense to have ANOTHER new york tournament in what is already the busiest time of the disc golf year in our area. I understand why they wanted that weekend last year, but not sure why they do in 2013. This years NT schedule is awful though, wish the PDGA board could at least give some good reasons for it :(
By DeafDiscGolfer
I would like to go too...need more info.

Never get sick of Rochester's courses which always holds special places in my heart.
By PL08
Hey Guys,

Zach Morrison and I will be TDing and Assitant TDing on the AM side with Tony running the Pro side. We will be sitting down soon to talk about the 39th RFDO coming up this September 14th-15th. Glad to hear that everyone is so excited about the event just hold on a little bit longer for official details.


By mcicotta
Sorry may have been a bit inebriated and viewed that comment as rude at the time. Now i see there may be a bit of sarcasm in there. Remember kids alcohol is the devil.
By JCE814
very minor, but props to Tony for offsetting the online fee and making it the actual dollar amount to play in the tournament. Like I said, very minor but pretty awesome.
By Tony Inzana
Thanks Jeff, just to let you know, the club is eating the fee for registering -- I believe it's just under $1.50 ---- Didn't want to have to overcharge the players to register online. So that being said, if you are coming, please sign up online ASAP so I can get some numbers to figure out player packs and stuff. See ya all in a couple weeks. :D
By Tony Inzana
So far there are 51 entree (49 of them amateur) Don't wait to sign up because it looks like the am side is going to sell out. I will be at league today to take entry forms as well.
By Tony Inzana
67 Players signed up so far - 61 Amateurs. I have opened the Am side to 90 players so please get in while you can. There is a great player pack for the ams and payout for the ams will be close to 200% this year !!! Also $1000 + added to the Pro Divisions. :D
By Tony Inzana
92 Players registered. The Amateur side has 81 players signed up. That means 9 spots left !!! For any Pros out there, please let me know if you are coming. I may need to a division over to the Pro side so that I don't have to turn down amateurs as well as avoiding putting 5 players on a hole. Right now I am leaning towards putting the Intermediate men at Parma on Saturday with the Pros and then Chili on Sunday. That decision will be made in the next 2 days. Any thoughts ???
By swade0103x
I know im new to the sport and community and my opinion may not hold much weight but I am confused as to why there are not more local pros pre-registered for this event. Is there a more lucrative tourny in the area? Being on the verge of the 40th anniversay of this event I would think we would want to show the world we are as devoted today as day one. I know myself and if I was up in the air about going to any compitition and saw no local support I would question if going was a good Idea. To make a long story short, If we want to make this tourney continue for years to come we need to give everyone a reason for coming so if you Do plan on coming register so we can continue in style a long held Rochester tradition. Plus it makes our TD's job that much easier. Sorry for my rant and hope to see everyone this weekend.
By Stairyo
Tony Inzana wrote:Right now I am leaning towards putting the Intermediate men at Parma on Saturday with the Pros and then Chili on Sunday


Anything that keeps it to 4 on a card is a good thing. :clap:

And 2 rounds at Parma is a great thing. :clap: :clap:

Tony, I like the way you think. :thumbup:
User avatar
By TCampbell
A problem with moving a division to a different course this late is, 1 person won't get the memo and show up at the wrong course with 5 minutes till tee off. I'll put $5 on it right now.
By Mudd Budd
everyone who registers for the tournament does so by leaving an email address... easy solution- email everyone who registered... they did it online, so they have access to the internet.

But I will not put $ against your "people are dumb" bet- because they are
By Brownguy
Tony you should have the Advanced and women with the open. It will give more spacing between holes.
User avatar
By TCampbell
I never said "people are dumb"!!! I thought it but did not say it!!!

Anyways. Good point if all the contact information is availiable then my doom and gloom situation should be avoidable.
By JCE814
I feel like the tournament is coming up too soon to make the course change. Like TIm said, and it has nothing to do with people being dumb, people will not get the memo and show up to the wrong course. Just my 2 cents.
By JCE814
I'm sure a lot of people don't check this board, or even the event page for that matter. So I would say getting the word out to EVERYONE could be a tough task.
By Tony Inzana
I appreciate all of the comments --- and I am continuing to include all on this discussion. Yes, in a perfect world the advanced division would come over to the pro side, however, my co-TD, Peter Lunstead is playing Advanced and I need him over on the am side.

I would like to just move one division over --- intermediate makes the most sense given the numbers. I will only do this if I can get a hold of everyone in that division.

If we dont switch a division, then there will be only about 5 spots left for the ams, then the rest will need to move up to pro if they sign up late..... I dont want to do this and I dont want to discourage ams from playing.

Yes Wade, I am tremendously dissappointed in the lack of open players, but I dont know how to solve that.
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