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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By PL08
Well absolute gorgeous day at the apple farm this morning. "The Peter" runs up 2-0 then Ryan comes back 2-2 through 12 and the rest of the holes are a wash until a 2 hole playoff where Peter takes the 3-2 win. Awesome round and great weather!
Krohn "Drone" gets the WIN vs. Ron Arena. 6-4 after playing 18 holes.

Ron started off strong with back to back birdies on hole 1 & 2 to take a 2 nothing lead then Krohn came back to tie it and a back in forth battle. Some how with all of my extra mullys and a few trees that Ron hit i was able to hold on to the lead.
Great matchup and fun besides the attack of the killer bugs in the deep swamp land of MCC.
By PL08
Well Mike and I had the opportunity to partake in a Mosquito Disc Golf Course Match play today. Holes were won by the plentiful as I went up 3-0 through 5 and Mike came back with 6,7 and 8 to tie it up. After birdies by both on 9 I took 4 straight and washed the next 2 to end the round through 15. Final scored 7-3 Peter but Mike wins the bug bites 50-42.

Great playing with everyone today!
Sir cubeofsoup! Good afternoon, what pray tell would be a good time for an honor duel Sunday at the mosquito den of Satan's swamp? You may hit me up at 585-820-4922, text or holla. Haven't been on the forum much as of late..
By PL08
Well we are halfway through round 7 at MCC but I want to get Round 8 matches up to stay on schedule. Please finish Round 7 matches before Round 8. Holiday weekend leaves some good time for discin.

Link is on page 1.


Ron attempted to gift me a victory on the front 9 but it turns out he was just teasing. He hit birdies on 12 and 13, a good long par on 14, and parked 15 for another bird.

I managed to give myself plenty of putting opportunities on the front but struggled off the tee on the back. Ron's superior tee shots on the back nine were the decisive factor.

Well played ronbo.
By PL08
Benz and "the Peter" squared off early this morning on a gorgeous day. Basil shade made the round very comfortable but the heat turned up my game to take an 8-1 win over Benz. Great playing with you Steve!
Day ekes out a win over the Falcon after a full round. Tied the first. Day took a point with a bird on 2, then the Falcon parked 3, 1-1. Back & forth battle thru the front 9. Day got lucky & used 8 of his allotted 9 mullies well ending the match 4-3. If not for mullies & the Falcon's in unlucky putts, this could have easily gone the other way.

Thanks for the game, Mike. Beautiful day for Basil!!!
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