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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By TCampbell
Drove by Churchville today, Basket 1 is missing and the rest are still there. I hope the town did this....
By vanza
a VERY reliable source told me that Monroe County Parks took them out over a week ago.Only the ones that affected the snowmobile trail were removed!
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By TCampbell
Normally all the baskets are pulled except for 15. The only basket that I noticed missing this time was 1. I just hope that number 1's basket didn't find another home.
By MDiRoma
Does anyone know the status of the course out there? Are there any baskets? Is it playable etc? I am having a party at this park on sunday and would like to plan on throwing a few holes with the family...If someone could provide any solid info on this it would be GREATLY appreciated...Thanks!
By ELItheICEman
The course is fine and all baskets are in. I was there a couple of weeks ago, and apart from being a bit soggy in some of the lower areas it was perfectly fine and playable.
By MDiRoma
Thanks, I appreciate the quick response...Do you happen to know if the course map on this site is accurate? No big deal if not, just curious...Thanks again.
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By BeauRoch
The map posted is for its current layout.

Was there yesterday and most of the front 9 was still very wet. Alot of standing water in the fairways.

By FishyMack
I have played there several times this year already. A nice course. I updated many signs and t-pads.
By kgardo
The baskets have been in for a few weeks. Still soggy in the usual spots (#1,3,4) and some of the back nines' tee boxes are muddy.
By FishyMack
The Churchville course has been there for years from my understanding. Some people poo-poo it, but I like it, especially when I teach new people to play, play the One Disc Challenge, or play by myself. It is much harder to lose a disc there then at most area courses, so when I play by myself I can throw several drivers as practice and still find them all.

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By Jerami
So, if the tee pads at Churchville are muddy, does that mean the Fly Pads are not being used? Are the tee pads just grass?
By MikeS
I think those pads went elsewhere, or at least some of them, apple farm I believe.
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By Jerami
Wrong sir! Apple Farm tee pads are from GVP temp course for 2011 Worlds. There has been no club sanctioned removal of Churchville tee pads

So, does anyone know if the pads are currently in use at Churchville? Anyone who has played there?
By Stairyo
I played there last week and all the pads were in. I assume he meant to say that there is some mud near the tee pads on the holes that throw from the woods.
By PL08
"Club Sanctioned Removal".... I like where your heads at Frechette
By ratt@tat
Course needs to be opened up and moved back to have some holes across the street and maybe switch some of the other original holes around - until then it is a plain and amateur course at best. (sorry Fishy - just my opinion).
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By Jerami
:lol: Hahahahahahaha!!! Opened up? Moved Back? Holes across the street? All ludicrous thoughts! :lol:

Refer to the thread below for a glimpse into the pleasures of Churchville, then you may begin to understand why thinking those things, let alone even typing the words, is just a waste of time and energy!

By Stairyo
FatKid is right; don't waste your time. Though I believe the Worlds layout was an improvement, I also see the value of Churchville as it stands. Its a beginner friendly park course, and I think every region can use one of those. Churchville was my first course and I still go back once and awhile to play a casual round. It's a popular course for many players, just not generally the vocal ones on this site. The bottom line is leave Churchville alone. If you don't like it you don't need to change it; just don't play it. We have enough courses to make everyone happy.

By FishyMack
Very good points, Alistair, I agree with you 100%. It is the course I used to teach my wife and children how to play, and several other people. I still enjoy it very much.
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